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in: Dan DiDio/Executive Editor, Rodolfo Migliari/Cover Artist, Felipe Massafera/Cover Artist Peter Tomasi/Writer, Fernando Pasarin/Penciler, Cam Smith/Inker, Randy Mayor/Colourist, Gabe Eltaeb/Colourist, Steve Wands/Letterer, Adam Schlagman/Editor, Eddie Berganza/Editor, Guy Gardner (New Earth)/Appearances, Arisia Rrab (New Earth)/Appearances, Kilowog (New Earth)/Appearances, Green Lantern Corps (New Earth)/Appearances, Morro (New Earth)/Appearances, Barro Cruzz (New Earth)/Appearances, Salakk (New Earth)/Appearances, Blue Lantern Corps (New Earth)/Appearances, Warth (New Earth)/Appearances, Zardor (New Earth)/Appearances, Elder Council of Syrinx/Appearances, Hal Jordan (New Earth)/Appearances, John Stewart (New Earth)/Appearances, Kyle Rayner (New Earth)/Appearances, Sodam Yat (New Earth)/Appearances, Red Lantern Corps (New Earth)/Appearances, Bleez (New Earth)/Appearances, Oa/Appearances, Kralok/Appearances, Odym/Appearances, Green Lantern Ring/Appearances, Green Lantern Power Battery/Appearances, Blue Lantern Ring/Appearances, Red Power Ring/Appearances, Brightest Day, Comics, 2010, 2010, November, September 15, 2010 (Publication), 2010, September (Publication), Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors Vol 1 2


Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors Vol 1 2

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"Last Will: Lie of the Mind": Guy watches images of Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner and himself in Oa.

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Synopsis for "Last Will: Lie of the Mind"

Guy watches images of Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner and himself in Oa.

Meanwhile, Arisia has a dream about Sodam Yat. He says that she will have the same experience as he had when he supposedly died. Arisia wakes up and promises to save Sodam.

Lantern Kilowog has a conversation with Lantern Morro, who tells him that he looks forward to fight alongside him in the Corps. However, Kilowog dismisses him.

Meanwhile, Zardor defeats the Elder Council in a mental clash.

Guy is about to leave for his new mission, when Arisia and Kilowog arrive, saying that they volunteer to join him in his journey. They recharge their rings and begin travelling. Arisia asks Guy if they can go to Daxam. Although Guy doesn't believe that Sodam is alive, he agrees that Daxam will be their second stop. Their first stop will be Odym. Guy explains that he wants to go there so that he can be purged of the energy from the Red Lantern Ring.

Arriving at Odym, they meet Brother Warth. He agrees to cure Guy, but as soon as he starts, they are attacked by Bleez.


  • This book was first published on September 15, 2010.
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