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Green Lantern: Rebirth Vol 1 5


Green Lantern: Rebirth Vol 1 5

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"Rings": In the Watchtower, Hal Jordan, restored to life, repeats his instruction for Sinestro to stand down and get away from Kyle Rayner and Green Arrow—only to be shot out of the Watchtower with one shot, bouncing off the surface of the Moon several times before he comes to a stop. That

Quote1 I don't hear any voices. Nothing inside screaming you cannot do this. Or telling me to go and "find" myself. No more soul searching road trips. I'm Hal Jordan. Man. Pilot. Green Lantern. Quote2
-- Hal Jordan

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Synopsis for "Rings"

In the Watchtower, Hal Jordan, restored to life, repeats his instruction for Sinestro to stand down and get away from Kyle Rayner and Green Arrow—only to be shot out of the Watchtower with one shot, bouncing off the surface of the Moon several times before he comes to a stop. That doesn't matter to Hal. Neither does the bloody nose or the fact that Sinestro is lecturing him as always. What matters to Hal is that his knows who he is, and that is the Green Lantern. As the two enemies fight it out, Hal accuses Sinestro of abandoning his oath, and Sinestro counters that the Guardians abandoned him and left Korugar in the hands of Katma Tui, a mere child. Sinestro vows to have justice, but Hal counters that all he wanted was vengeance and control, remembering back to his first meeting with Sinestro...

Hal Jordan is flying a fighter on a test, when Hal suddenly crashes into Sinestro. Saved by Sinestro projecting a field around him, he announces who he is, that Sector 1417 is the most orderly in the universe, and that the Guardians of the Universe have instructed him to train Hal Jordan. Sinestro starts off with two instructions: never question a superior officer, and never challenge those greater himself. Hal says that the last part isn't going to work for him.

In space, Hal and Sinestro continue to battle, and Sinestro vows to kill both Jordan and the "alley rat" Kyle Rayner. Hal counters that Kyle kept the torch of the Green Lantern Corps burning when noone else could, and that Sinestro will respect him. Kyle agrees, firing several green energy arrows into Sinestro, telling him that it's Green Arrow saying hello. As Hal and Sinestro charge each other, their rings collide with each other, but Sinestro's ring breaks under pressure from Hal's power ring and explodes. As he appears to be consumed by Yellow energy, Sinestro chuckles, and tells Jordan "welcome back". Hal does a scan with his ring, and it informs him that Sinestro fled into another dimension. Specifically, the Antimatter Universe. Hal also decides to start things off right with Kyle Rayner, shaking his hand and thanking him. Kyle tells Hal that he isn't capable of overcoming great fear like other Green Lanterns, but Hal counters that by fighting Sinestro and helping to clear his name, he already has.

On Earth, Parallax has fully possessed Ganthet, taking the form of a horrific Guardian like appearnace with insectoid legs. He vows to feed off Earths fear, but notes a "disciple" in Batman, as Flash realizes that Parallax really was an outside force. John, Guy, and Kilowog realize that they can't use their rings, but Hal and Kyle arrive. Hal tells them to power up their rings, and that by remembering fear, they can overcome Parallax.

Unfortunately, Hal's arm is then roped by Batman, who promises that as long as he's standing, Hal isn't going anywhere.


  • This book was first published on April 6, 2005.
  • This issue was delayed by two months.


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