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"The Sinestro Corps War, Prologue: The Second Rebirth": Sinestro, reflecting on his past as a Green Lantern, his banishment from the Corps and subsequent battles with Hal Jordan a

Quote1 Labeled the first renegade of the Green Lantern Corps, I was banished to the underbelly of the universe, the Antimatter Universe... and delivered back into darkness. For the first time in my life -- I felt fear. And I was blinded by its brilliance. I believed fear to be a part of the chaos I abhor, but it was more controlling than all the willpower in the universe. And it would be mine. Quote2
-- Sinestro

Appearing in "The Sinestro Corps War, Prologue: The Second Rebirth"

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Synopsis for "The Sinestro Corps War, Prologue: The Second Rebirth"

Sinestro, reflecting on his past as a Green Lantern, his banishment from the Corps and subsequent battles with Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner, recites the oath of the Sinestro Corps as he charges his Yellow Power Ring.

Hoping to learn more about the Sinestro Corps after Batman had nearly been drafted into its ranks, the Justice League attempts to question Zoom about the whereabouts of Sinestro, his former Secret Society of Super-Villains teammate. The speedster escapes their clutches, revealing nothing. Hal Jordan decides that answers will best be found on Oa and flies off.

In Sector 424, Graf Toren and Vode-M encounter a yellow power ring flying indiscriminately through space, nearly destroying a spaceborne church lying in its path. They are joined by Kyle Rayner, who, through the power of Ion, is able to capture the ring. Unfortunately, it isn't the only one, as dozens of other rings fly past them.

In Sector 3, Bedovian recieves a message from Arkillo: it's time to wake up.

On Oa, the Guardians of the Universe question the imprisoned Cyborg Superman about his knowledge of the Multiverse. Henshaw has discovered that New Earth is the keystone of the multiverse, and if it is destroyed, so will the rest of the Multiverse, leaving only the Antimatter Universe intact. The Guardians suspect that Henshaw plans to do this, noting his destruction of Coast City, which allowed Parallax to gain control of Hal Jordan. They also note that Coast City, though rebuilt, is largely empty despite Hal Jordan's protection: it remains a place of fear. Henshaw counters that without life, there will be no fear, avarice, or hate, while Ganthet and Sayd, a female Guardian, counter that with life, there is hope, compassion, and love. The two believe that an ancient prophecy known as the Blackest Night is coming to pass. The other Guardians, however, dismiss the prophecy and order Henshaw imprisoned for all eternity to preserve the safety of the multiverse.

Meanwhile, Guy Gardner visits Salaak, trying to get Hal, Kyle, and John Stewart an audience with the Guardians. Hal has brief incident with the other Lost Lanterns, much to John's annoyance. Kyle is moody, remembering that his mother's will is being read on this day. All he really wanted from her estate was a painting of a boy in a field, which they used to make stories about. However, as they're speaking, the yellow ring transports Kyle to the Antimatter Universe world of Qward. Here, he witnesses a massive gathering of the Sinestro Corps. He is noticed, and is soon captured by Sinestro.

Meanwhile, Oa is attacked by a strike team of Sinestro Corps members. Bedovian starts off with a sniper attack, three sectors away, and continues firing until John Stewart takes him down with his own sniper rifle. After the battle, which results in many Green Lantern deaths, Hal, Guy, and John learn that Superboy-Prime has been freed from his sciencell.

On Qward, Sinestro tortures Kyle and reveals that Ion is a willpower entity that was bonded to Kyle and removes it from him. Sinestro further reveals that his mother didn't contract a mysterious virus, but was instead infected by Despotellis, a sentient biovirus and Sinestro Corps member, as Kyle's fear is losing the people he loves. All but broken, a frightened and weakened Kyle is sent into the Yellow Lantern Central Power Battery and possessed by Parallax. He is announced to be, along with Henshaw and Superboy-Prime, the herald of the Sinestro Corps' Guardian of Fear. On Oa, Ganthet and Sayd feel a wave of coldness wash across the emotional spectrum, and fear that a great evil has returned.

Heading into their base, Sinestro and Parallax enter a room where Henshaw is being repaired and Superboy-Prime is outfitted with new armor. Sinestro announces that the Corps is ready as he and Parallax bow before their guardian...the Anti-Monitor.

Appearing in "Tales of the Sinestro Corps: The Greatest Once, the Greatest Again"

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Other Characters:


  • Oa (Flashback only)



Synopsis for "Tales of the Sinestro Corps: The Greatest Once, the Greatest Again"

Lyssa Drak relates the tale of Sinestro from the Book of Parallax.

Sinestro was sent by the Guardians to Earth to train Hal Jordan. Although initially shocked at Jordan's recklessness, Sinestro soon learned that the human was much like himself and they came to trust each other.

However, a later visit to Korugar caused Jordan to label Sinestro as an oppressive dictator, resulting in his banishment from the Corps. He was sent to the Anti-Matter Universe, where he crafted a new ring and met the Anti-Monitor.


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