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""Where the Boys Are"": An alien parasite, "Lissik", is in Coast City feeding on human prey. In a hospital, after draining most of the residents of their spinal fluids, she preys on paraplegic former athlete "Nik Mayak

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Synopsis for "Where the Boys Are"

An alien parasite, "Lissik", is in Coast City feeding on human prey. In a hospital, after draining most of the residents of their spinal fluids, she preys on paraplegic former athlete "Nik Mayak". Later, to his surprise, Mayak finds himself not only still alive, but his legs have completely healed. He immediately leaves the hospital to go find his family.
Hal Jordan, hearing about the recent brutal serial killings, comes back to Coast City for Carol Ferris. He begins investigating the killings as Green Lantern.
Nik excitedly comes home to his family, and finds them all brutally slaughtered by the very same Alien. Distraught, he seeks vengeance, and not wanting the police to botch it, he decides to don his own costume and seek it out for himself. He goes to question his next door neighbor, Mr. Douglas, whose wife was also murdered, but instead finds an entire household of mutated husbands. Men whom Lissik has turned into her physically enhanced nearly rabid mental slaves. They hack his arm off with a meat cleaver, and chase him into an alleyway. Mayak is surprised to find his arm grow back completely, and although he attempts to fight off the mutant widowers, he is at an immense fighting disadvantage until Green Lantern shows up on the scene. Together they are forced to flee the scene, and decide it's best to tackle the problem at its source.
They finally track the carnage down to Carol Ferris' friends house, where she had been taking refuge after an earlier attack. Although Lissik claims another life, Nightblade and Green Lantern arrive in time to begin battling her. Reverting to her human form, Lissik uses her powers of lust and seduction to overpower Hal Jordan's mind, briefly causing him to fall in love with her. But Mayak, somehow immune to her charms, is able to sway Jordan and the two of them fight her off.
Although Jordan offers Nightblade the opportunity to be his partner as another Green Lantern, Nightblade declines, saying he doesn't want something as restrictive at the present time. He's going to Los Angeles where he knows some people other than his recently deceased family, but he promises Hal Jordan that he'll consider taking up his offer in the future.


  • Each of the Bloodlines annuals for 1993 introduce a new super-hero character. This issue introduces the character "Nightblade".


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