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in: Dan DiDio/Executive Editor, Patrick Gleason/Cover Artist, Drew Geraci/Cover Artist Guy Major/Cover Artist, Peter Tomasi/Writer, Patrick Gleason/Penciler, Drew Geraci/Inker, Prentis Rollins/Inker, Guy Major/Colourist, Steve Wands/Letterer, Adam Schlagman/Editor, Eddie Berganza/Editor, Kyle Rayner (New Earth)/Quotes, Green Lantern Corps (New Earth)/Appearances, Arisia Rrab (New Earth)/Appearances, Bzzd (New Earth)/Appearances, Salakk (New Earth)/Appearances, Kilowog (New Earth)/Appearances, Voz (New Earth)/Appearances, Guy Gardner (New Earth)/Appearances, Iolande (New Earth)/Appearances, Ion (New Earth)/Appearances, Sodam Yat (New Earth)/Appearances, Isamot Kol (New Earth)/Appearances, Kyle Rayner (New Earth)/Appearances, Soranik Natu (New Earth)/Appearances, Stel (New Earth)/Appearances, Vath Sarn (New Earth)/Appearances, Matris Ater Clementia (New Earth)/Appearances, Sinestro Corps (New Earth)/Appearances, Mongul II (New Earth)/Appearances, Duel Eknham (New Earth)/Appearances, Thaal Sinestro (New Earth)/Appearances, Ugg-I (New Earth)/Appearances, Guardians of the Universe (New Earth)/Appearances, Mongul I (New Earth)/Appearances, Kal-El (New Earth)/Appearances, Bruce Wayne (New Earth)/Appearances, Diana of Themyscira (New Earth)/Appearances, Jason Todd (New Earth)/Appearances, Mongal (New Earth)/Appearances, Sector 2261/Appearances, Oa/Appearances, Black Mercy/Appearances, Green Lantern Ring/Appearances, Yellow Power Ring/Appearances, Comics, 2008, 2008, July, 2008, May (Publication), Green Lantern Corps Vol 2, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 24


Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 24

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"Ring Quest (Part III of V)": In their serch for Arisia and Sodam Yat, the Green Lanterns arrive at their Rings last known location, the Black Mercy Planet. Arriving, they find that the planet is orbitted by a massive amount of corpses from d

Quote1 Look, people, we're not talking just a bad guy. Mongul's gone toe-to-toe with Superman. And right now, there's a real possibility that he's the one that's got Sodam and Arisia somewhere on this planet. Let's wrap this up. We've got Lanterns in trouble. Quote2
-- Kyle Rayner

Appearing in "Ring Quest (Part III of V)"

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  • Ater Clementia


Synopsis for "Ring Quest (Part III of V)"

In their serch for Arisia and Sodam Yat, the Green Lanterns arrive at their Rings last known location, the Black Mercy Planet. Arriving, they find that the planet is orbitted by a massive amount of corpses from different worlds, having died of different causes. Heading down to the surface of the planet, the rings report a loss of contact with Sodam and Arisia's rings, while they discover that the planet is covered with Black Mercies. This leads Kyle and Guy to conclude that Mongul is involved. After brief recap of Mongul I's history and Mongul II's recent exploits, Vath Sarn concludes that Mongul has one Yellow Power Ring, and actually become a little eager to take him out. Soranik Natu resumes her debate on the ethics of lethal force, while Kyle tells them that they need to find Arisia and Sodam.

On Oa, the Guardians build a Sciencell to hold all the Yellow Power Rings. Kilowog would rather see them destroyed, but Salakk reminds him that it is the Guardians decision. Heading down to the sciencells, Salakk drops the rings and a severed arm holding a ring off. Observing, Sinestro bites off some of the skin on his finger, then draws the Sinestro Corps seal with his blood on the window. The other imprisoned members of the Sinestro Corps follow their leader's act of defiance.

On Ater Clementia, Sodam and Arisia are in the thrall of the Black Mercy, but they are not experiencing their greatest dreams: Mongul has altered the Black Mercies basic genetic structure to force the recipients to live out their worst nightmares: Sodam failing to win a battle, and Arisia being killed and left for dead again. Mongul observes, delighting in their torments. Duel Eknham, however, would rather be killing the two Lanterns in their own preferred styles. Mongul tells them to do nothing but continue harvesting the seeds, and the two Lanterns will be offerings to Mother Mercy. Having harvested a number of altered seeds, Mongul uses his ring to form a cannon that fires the seeds to other worlds.

From a distance, Bzzd sees the shot, and directs the other Lanterns to its location. Heading into the grove, they discover that Arisia and Sodam have been swallowed up and are being digested for the Mercies. Guy and Kyle dive in to pull them out, while the other Lanterns start chopping and burning the mercies away. Guy and Kyle finally manage to pull Arisia and Sodam out. Soranik needs to get them back to Oa to properly remove the Mercies, and she needs to do so immediately.

Unfortunately, as she's saying this, the ground splits asunder as a massive Black Mercy emerges — screaming that the Green Lanterns are killing her children.


  • This issue is reprinted in the trade paperback Ring Quest.


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