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Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 3


Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 3

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"Homecoming": On Betrassus, Guy Gardner shows royal siblings Ragnar and Iolande the coffin of Soranik Natu. After he leaves, a power ring appears before Ragnar and

Quote1 Medicine is not my only skill. I do not need a power ring to take you down. Quote2
-- Soranik Natu

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Synopsis for "Homecoming"

On Betrassus, Guy Gardner shows royal siblings Ragnar and Iolande the coffin of Soranik Natu. After he leaves, a power ring appears before Ragnar and takes him to Oa to be trained as a new member of the Green Lantern Corps.

On Staphis, Vath Sarn struggles to save the planet's natives from a massive natural disaster without the aid of his partner, the missing Isamot Kol. Help arrives in the form of Green Lanterns from other sectors, and he leaves to go find his partner.

Ragnar arrives on Oa, where he is greeted by Gardner and Natu, who had in fact survived. He learns that he has been tricked, and he has been brought to Oa not to be trained, but to be arrested. In his quest to become a Green Lantern, he had killed everyone else in his sector he thought might get in his way, including his brother and the current Green Lanterns. However, Salakk arrives to inform them that Ragnar cannot be held on Oa. His royal status grants him diplomatic immunity.

After Myrrt's funeral, Natu takes Ragnar back to Betrassus. She is also given Myrrt's ring and is given the responsility of chosing his successor.

Vath finds Isamot on Thanagar. Not only has he been part of the long process of rebuilding the world, but he has also fallen in love.

On Betrassus, Ragnar is beheaded for his crimes, and Natu chooses his sister Iolande as her next partner.

Gardner, who has finally managed to sneak away from Oa on his shore leave, relaxes on Restoria. However, in orbit, Bolphunga is intent on killing him.



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