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Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 34


Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 34

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"Emerald Eclipse (Part II)": Sodam Yat's mother, Cara, has come to a Green Lantern sector house in order to enlist her son's aid. Sodam is not happy to see her and calls to mind the brainwashing he was forced to endure in order to adopt the same xenophobic attitudes tha

Quote1 Ya gotta be kidding me -- green, yellow, red, blue, violet -- it's like Walt Disney threw up -- what the hell's going on out there? Quote2
-- Guy Gardner on the Lantern Corps.

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Synopsis for "Emerald Eclipse (Part II)"

Sodam Yat's mother, Cara, has come to a Green Lantern sector house in order to enlist her son's aid. Sodam is not happy to see her and calls to mind the brainwashing he was forced to endure in order to adopt the same xenophobic attitudes that dominate all of Daxam. Cara tells him that Mongul has taken control of their planet. Sodam reluctantly agrees to aid his beleaguered home world, but only out of a sense of duty to the Corps.

On Daxam, Arkillo challenges Mongul's place as self-appointed leader of the Sinestro Corps. The battle is brutal and several Daxamites, unlucky enough to get in their way, lose their lives. Arkillo impales Mongul with a broken flagpole, but Mongul falls back upon his adversary, spearing the flagpole through Arkillo as well. Mongul recovers from his wounds more quickly and Arkillo cannot react in time. Mongul cuts out Arkillo's tongue as a sign of victory.

On Oa, Kyle Rayner and Soranik Natu share an intimate moment in Kyle's quarters. Soranik has been pivotal in helping Kyle come to terms with the recent loss of so many colleagues. Soranik asks him if he would be willing to give up his Green Lantern Ring if the Guardians ever discovered them violating the new third law. Kyle tells her that he would've easily given up his position if he thought for a second that his relationship would place the Corps in jeopardy.

On Zamaron, the Star Sapphire Corps perceive that their prisoner, Kryb, is longing for the affection of her "children" who have been abandoned in Sector 3599. This emotive quality gives them hope that Kryb can be rehabilitated.

Back on Oa, members of the Green Lantern Corps patrol the Sciencells. One of their most recent prisoners, Red Lantern Vice, is incarcerated by Guy Gardner and Kilowog, with a green construct muzzle to prevent him from expelling his acidic blood. Observing, the Scarred Guardian removes the muzzle, and Vice breaks free of his Sciencell, attacking Green Lantern Voz.


  • This book was first published on March 11, 2009.
  • This issue shipped on March 11th, 2009.
  • This story is reprinted in the trade paperback Emerald Eclipse.


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