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Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 36


Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 36

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"Emerald Eclipse, Part IV": On Korugar, Soranik Natu has a confrontation with Sinestro. Sinestro reveals that he is her father, and her birth only furthered Sinestro's desire to see order come to Korugar. However, his actions were n

Quote1 You were a light that was waiting to be turned on... turned on to a world that would need our guidance... our protection... our vision. Quote2
-- Sinestro

Appearing in "Emerald Eclipse, Part IV"

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Synopsis for "Emerald Eclipse, Part IV"

On Korugar, Soranik Natu has a confrontation with Sinestro. Sinestro reveals that he is her father, and her birth only furthered Sinestro's desire to see order come to Korugar. However, his actions were not initially welcomed, and threats were made against Sinestro's family. Her mother eventually gave Soranik to Dgibb and Karrol Natu, the woman who helped deliver her. After Hal Jordan and Katma Tui exposed his actions to the Guardians, Sinestro realized his wife had been right. However, he managed to track her down and keep watch over her, both figuratively and literally. [1] It was always his intent to see Soranik become the hero of Korugar. What he never intended was to let her know about their relationship. However, with the coming of the Prophecy, things have changed: Sinestro's old enemy Atrocitus knows of her existence, but not her identity, and will soon come to destroy Korugar to torment Sinestro. Now that she's been warned, Sinestro leaves to deal with Mongul, while Soranik is left to deal with the revelations.

On Oa, the Sciencells have been unlocked and dozens of inmates, including recently captured members of the Sinestro Corps run riot. Honor Guards, Kilowog, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner struggle to recapture all of the violent criminals. Unfortunately, Vice is further decimating the Green Lanterns, and some of the inmates make their way to the armory.

On Daxam, Sodam Yat and Arisia have managed to sneak past the planetary defenses, but they are only two against the entire might of Mongul and the Sinestro Corps. Sodam takes the fight directly to Mongul, but he realizes that he needs to harness the full power of the Ion in order to defeat him. He radios back to Oa, requesting permission to access the Ion power. The tainted Guardian Scar informs him that in order to access the power, he must first relinquish his Green Lantern Ring, leaving him vulnerable to other forms of attack. Sodam is prepared to accept the consequences and his body lights up with the power of Ion. He charges Mongul and the two rocket upward off the planet. Sodam drives him towards Daxam's red sun.


  • This book was first published on May 13, 2009.
  • Issue shipped on May 13th, 2009.
  • This story is reprinted in the trade paperback Emerald Eclipse.


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  1. The tattoo on Soranik's left cheek is implanted with a micro-transmitter so that Sinestro can always keep an eye on her.
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