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Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 37


Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 37

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"Emerald Eclipse (Part V)": On Daxam, Sodam Yat sacrifices himself in order to use the Ion power to turn Daxam's red star into a yellow star, thereby empowering all of the Daxamites with superhuman abilities. On the planet, [[Arisia Rrab (New

Quote1 I sure hope not, 'cause pug-ugly, red-faced barbarians with an ax to grind don't grow on trees! And hell, kicking your ass every once in awhile never gets old! You complete me, Bolly! Quote2
-- Guy Gardner

Appearing in "Emerald Eclipse (Part V)"

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Synopsis for "Emerald Eclipse (Part V)"

On Daxam, Sodam Yat sacrifices himself in order to use the Ion power to turn Daxam's red star into a yellow star, thereby empowering all of the Daxamites with superhuman abilities. On the planet, Arisia addresses the panicking Daxamites, explaining that she will train them how to use their new powers so they can take back Daxam from the Sinestro Corps.

Elsewhere, Ash is being attacked by a group of vampires inside the hollowed out boot of the Anti-Monitor. He dedicates their deaths to the memory of his wife, who was killed by Starbreaker's followers. Suddenly, the Green Lantern Saarek appears, saying that Ash's wife fears the violence he's come to embrace. Ash knows of Saarek's reputation, and warns him to never speak of his wife again. The two Lanterns come to realize that they have both been instructed to find the Anti-Monitor's remains and prevent anyone from drawing any power from it's rotting husk. It appears that they are both being manipulated by a higher power.

On Oa, the prison riot continues. Not all of the escaped criminals get along with one another however, and strange alliances are formed as the Green Lantern Corps and criminals such as Bolphunga and Kanjar Ro aid them against the Sinestro Corps. The Alpha Lantern Corps arrive and initiate the Phalanx Directive.

One of the Sinestro Corps members, Lyssa Drax, goes deep underground and discovers the Book of the Black. She begins reading from the book when suddenly the Scarred Guardian appears behind her, and merges Lyssa Drak's essence within the pages of the book.

Afterward, Scar decides that the "door" needs to be opened. A black starfield of energy rises up from beneath the bowels of Oa and stretches across the night sky, shattering the protective shield around Oa. The entire planet can feel the effects of this pending threat—as "the Blackest Night falls from the skies..."


  • This story is reprinted in the trade paperback Emerald Eclipse.


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