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Golden Age enemies of Alan Scott:

Silver Age enemies of Hal Jordan:

  • Sinestro Corps: Also known as the Yellow Lantern Corps, they are a the Corps that triggered the War of Light. They feed off of the Yellow Light of fear.
  • Manhunters: before of Green Lantern Corps creation the Guardians of the Universe created the Manhunters to bring peace in the universe. However, the Manhunters became obsessed with the act of 'hunting' criminals. Their code, "No Man Escapes The Manhunters", became more important to them than seeing justice done.
  • Red Lantern Corps: The Red Lantern Corps were formed by Atrocitus of the Five Inversions, one of the five survivors of the Massacre of Sector 666. Using the blood magics of the Five Inversions, Atrocitus harnessed the red spectrum of light, allowing him to empower the rage within him. The Red Lantern Ring was born out of anger and crystallized the blood of the Inversions.
  • Black Lantern Corps: Prophesied to engulf the universe and be an enemy to all the Corps of Light, the Black Lantern Corps is an army of the dead who have been reanimated by their black rings. Ryut, a dead world since the infamous rampage of the Manhunters, serves as the homeworld of the Black Lantern Corps. This is where their Central Power Battery is to be found, and which is fueled by the remains of the Anti-Monitor.
  • Scar: The Guardian who has come to be known as "Scar" was horribly burned during the Guardian's battle with the Anti-Monitor. Infected with evil and overwhelmed by Nekron's influence, she has worked to destabilize the Green Lantern Corps from within and to limit their effectiveness in fighting the Blackest Night.
  • Black Hand: One of Hal Jordan's oldest foes, Black Hand has evolved from a gimmicky criminal into a sadistic madman capable of siphoning lifeforce from his victims. Reanimated after his suicide, he is now the incarnation of the Black power, and Herald of the Black Lantern Corps.
  • Nekron: Nekron lives his days with the dead souls who have passed away to the underworld. Nekron become the embodiment of the Black Lantern Corps, the harbringer of the Blackest Night.

Modern Age enemies

Minor Villains

  • Scarecrow: Due to his obsession with fear, Scarecrow has always had his eyes on a Yellow Lantern ring. He once created a device that would harness the ring's power without actually wielding one.
  • Power Ring: The evil version of Hal Jordan from earth-Three.

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