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"Sonar's Sonic-Atomic Attack": Green Lantern finds Sonar piloting a Missile Catcher jet at Ferris Aircraft. He is prepared to apprehend him, but Carol Ferris warns Hal that Sonar purchased the aircraft legally fo

Quote1 Fear not, Green Lantern! Your death will not only be swift... but it will be immediate! Quote2
-- Sonar

Appearing in "Sonar's Sonic-Atomic Attack"

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Synopsis for "Sonar's Sonic-Atomic Attack"

Green Lantern finds Sonar piloting a Missile Catcher jet at Ferris Aircraft. He is prepared to apprehend him, but Carol Ferris warns Hal that Sonar purchased the aircraft legally for the sake of supplying his country's Air Force. Green Lantern does not like the arrangement, but is powerless to do anything about it. To add insult to injury, Hal is invited to travel to Modora in his civilian identity to accept a medal of service from Sonar himself. After the service, Hal surveys the Modoran countryside as Green Lantern. Sonar as well as two of his new missile catchers intercept Green Lantern and attack him. Sonar's Sonigun incapacitates Hal and he is then put on trial for espionage - a crime that carries a death sentence in Modora. Green Lantern is found guilty and is strapped to a yellow nuclear missile attached to the underbelly of one of the fighter jets. Sonar orders the pilot to detonate the warhead in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to demonstrate that Modora is now a nuclear power. Hal finds a scraped section of yellow paint and is able to use his ring energy to surround the missile and prevent it from detonating. Once free, he then circles the missile catcher and grasps with a giant green eagle. He brings the fighter jet back to Modora, confident that the major powers of the world will think twice before selling equipment to Sonar.

Appearing in "The Trial of Arkkis Chummuck: Indictment"

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Synopsis for "The Trial of Arkkis Chummuck: Indictment"

Green Lantern Arkkis Chummuck is on trial for murder at the Great Hall of Justice on Oa. Prosecuting the tribunal is Green Lantern Malet Dasim. Arkkis is charged with killing the Green Lantern of the planet Xanshi. Ironically, this Green Lantern's nest-brother speaks in Arkkis' defense. Arkkis pleads his case before the tribunal and tells how his people sent a military expedition to Xanshi with the intent of conquering it. The champion of this unit was named Tarrik, but he proved unsuccessful when it came to combating Xanshi's Green Lantern protector. Arkkis researched the Green Lanterns and learned about their weaponry's vulnerability to anything colored yellow. Donning yellow plated armor, he flew to Xanshi and defeated the Green Lantern in combat. Though it was not Arkkis' intention, he had in fact dealt the Green Lantern a fatal blow. Dying, the Green Lantern recognized that his enemy was in fact a courageous man of honor and bequeathed to him his power ring. After the Green Lantern died, Arkkis consumed his remains.


  • Arkkis Chummuck's home world Toomey VI is not identified by name in this issue.


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