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Green Lantern Vol 2 188

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"Decent Exposure": While Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris deal with their relationship after Hal has retired from the Corps, and John Stewart handles his recent publicity after rev

Quote1 Come forth and fight, Green Lantern. Come forth and face your master, "Sonar of Modora!" Quote2
-- Sonar

Appearing in "Decent Exposure"

Featured Characters:

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Other Characters:


    • KLAQ Studios
    • Carol Ferris's Beach Mansion
    • Marina Towers



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Synopsis for "Decent Exposure"

While Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris deal with their relationship after Hal has retired from the Corps, and John Stewart handles his recent publicity after revealing his identity as the new Green Lantern to the public in an interview on the news with Tawny Young. Stewart has been partnered with Katma Tui by the Guardians to train him to become a full Green Lantern, because he doesn't feel like he's received adequate instruction. Katma Tui moves into John's apartment with him, and uses her ring to appear African American as well, adopting the alias of "Katrina." When John appears the next day at work, although he's a hero to the other Ferris employees, Carol is forced to fire him because they can't have a Green Lantern openly working there. Also, Katma pretends to have had a previous sexual relationship with Hal in order to get Carol mad at him, because she is still annoyed that he would leave the corps to pursue his love after he convinced her not to do the same.
Sonar appears to challenge the "new Green Lantern," and John is forced to fight him, although Katma Tui remains undercover. John uses his superior book smarts to defeat Sonar in a way Hal had never thought of before, having Katma shoot invisible sound waves at Sonar from behind at the same time as himself, but at a different frequency than his, making Sonar's dampeners ineffective.

Appearing in "Tales of the Green Lantern Corps: Mogo Doesn't Socialize"

Featured Characters:

  • Mogo (First appearance)

Supporting Characters:




Synopsis for "Tales of the Green Lantern Corps: Mogo Doesn't Socialize"

While Arisia is reading from the Book of Oa, she marvels at the sheer magnitude of the Corps, and asks Tomar-Re about some Green Lanterns she's nevers heard of before. Tomar-Re tells her that the names in question are all Green Lanterns unable to attend meetings. "Leezle Pon," is a sentient smallpox virus, who would infect the rest of the corps if he came to meetings, and Dkrtzy Rrr is an abstract mathematical progression, who attends meetings, but is only noticed by the Guardians. But the most fascinating of all is Mogo. The story begins with "Bolphunga the Unrelenting," an evil and dedicated creature, nearly without match for his love of destruction, who decides to crown his reputation by challenging the most mysterious and feared Green Lantern of all, "Mogo." Bolphunga travels to the planet where he has been told Mogo can be found, and calls through his bullhorn challenging Mogo to a fight. He receives no response, and decides to search for Mogo, but ends up finding nothing but the mysterious thick patches of jungle, and wide, decisive clearings spanning the planet. Weeks turn into months, and Bolphunga sets up camps, and draws extensive maps and charts to help him methodically search the planet for Mogo. He investigates the plants to see if they carry Green Lantern rings, and even the insects, he picks up and closely inspects, looking for some trace. Finally, Bolphunga realizes the significance of the planet's mysterious green foliage. He shakes in terror, abandons all of his equipment, climbs into his ship, and flees from the planet as fast as he can. For Mogo, was the planet itself. And that is why Mogo doesn't socialize. If he were ever to attend a Green Lantern meeting, his gravitational field would destroy both of the two planets.


Corps members Leezle Pon and Dkrtzy Rrr are not depicted in this story, just mentioned for the first time.


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