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"Spotlight on the Lamplighter": There is a new costumed villain that has appeared in Evergreen, his named is the Lamplighter and he has a specially treated lamp that grants him fantastic powers. His first crime is against the Quickway Loan Company, where employee Arthur Blundt worries about his

Appearing in "Spotlight on the Lamplighter"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Arthur Blount (Single appearance)
  • Cindy Corbett (Single appearance)
  • Mr. Talbot (Single appearance)
  • Ted and Gloria (a young couple) (Single appearance)
  • Jabez Morley (Single appearance)


  • Evergreen City
    • Evergreen Insurance Company
    • Quickway Loan Company
    • Elite Jewel Emporium



  • Recovered Sunken Treasure Ship

Synopsis for "Spotlight on the Lamplighter"

There is a new costumed villain that has appeared in Evergreen, his named is the Lamplighter and he has a specially treated lamp that grants him fantastic powers. His first crime is against the Quickway Loan Company, where employee Arthur Blundt worries about his recent diagnosis of a terminal illness when he is rendered immobilized by the Lamplighter's magic light stick, the Lamplighter then robs the company before the paralysis wears off. When the paralysis wears off, Arthur tries to call in the crime and is shocked to see that the bank vault, which was seemingly melted by the Lamplighters weapon is back to normal. The strange crime gains the attention of the Evergreen Insurance company who sends their best insurance man, Hal Jordan, to figure out if there is any validity to the claim of robbery.

When Hal investigates Arthur, he hears the story about the Lamplighter's theft and decides to investigate as Green Lantern scouring the city to see if he can find trace of this mysterious new villain. The Lamplighter reappears trying to rob a jewelry store. He uses his lamp to make shop employee Cindy Corbett to appears youthful while trying to sell a diamond ring to a rich man. This distracts her long enough for the Lamplighter to begin his robbery but he is interrupted by the Green Lantern. The two combatants find that their similar powers make them a near even match however Green Lantern's superior skills manages to eventually give him the edge up, prompting the Lamplighter to give up his fight with the Green Lantern. Rushing out of sight, the Lamplighter disguises himself as a tree until the Green Lantern gives up his chase. Later when the lamps effects wear off the Lamplighter reverts to his civilian guise, that of a blind man named Lee Carver.

Carver thinks back to the events that led him to becoming the Lamplighter. Originally a scientist, was rendered a blind when a blundering safety inspector was negligent in keeping a nuclear experiment safe and it exploded in Carver's face. Recovering and discovering he was blind, he still resumed his scientific research, and created a weapon that would work as a philosopher's stone, changing matter from one form to another, however it's effects would prove to be temporary. trying to solve this design flaw, he would be thrown into a fit of rage over his handicap. This would lead to the accidental discovery of a new form of light which he dubs "Ultra Light". Discovering that this light would grant him with an ability to see similar to infrared he would decide to turn both inventions to crime. Using the Ultra Light to make himself able to see and using the transmutation device to change the form of objects. Compacting the devices in a staff fashioned after colonial lamplighters, he would create a costume that would match his costumed namesake and begin his career in crime.

Completing his recollection, the Lamplighter would set his sights on an old pirate ship that has been pulled from the ocean floor, hoping to steal it's material wealth inside. When the Lamplighter changes into his costumed guise, this sets off an alert that Hal Jordan had willed his Power Ring to warn him. Changing back into the Green Lantern he rushes to the scene and battles the Lamplighter once more. The Lantern is more than ready to battle the Lamplighter, and during their battle a stray bolt of the Lamplighter's staff strikes a pile of money owned by the miserly and greedy Jabez Morley, turning them into feathers. Morley notices his wealth has been converted into worthless feathers dumps them out his window as the Green Lantern takes away Lamplighter's staff and defeats him.

While Hal Jordan was not able to deny the claim made by the loan company, his case against the Lamplighter would have reaching effects on the people who were involved: Arthur Blundt would find that his exposure to the Lamplighter's light had cured him of his illness, Cindy Corbett's inner beauty would be realized by the rich man who was in her shop earlier and he asks her to marry him, and miserly Jabez Morley would become horrified when the worthless feathers would shortly change back into money and be claimed by people on the street.



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