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"And Through Him, Save A World": Oliver Queen is amused by a newspaper story about an eco-activist called Isaac, who uses the pretense of a house-painter to paint a Ferris Aircraft office with a combination of industrial waste and sewer refuse.[[Hal Jordan (New E

Quote1 Never! No deals! How can I compromise with death? Shall we have half-deaths--Shall we have half-disease--Shall we pollute half the population--Shall we have one child die instead of two? No, Green Arrow...You too are guilty... Quote2
-- Isaac

Appearing in "And Through Him, Save A World"

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Other Characters:

  • Isaac (Dies)




Synopsis for "And Through Him, Save A World"

Oliver Queen is amused by a newspaper story about an eco-activist called Isaac, who uses the pretense of a house-painter to paint a Ferris Aircraft office with a combination of industrial waste and sewer refuse.Green Lantern, however, has misgivings about Isaac's methods. Still, GL offers Oliver a ride to Isaac's base of operations, considering that he has to bring Carol Ferris to the same place, to deal with the vandalism. Ollie accepts, wanting to practice his archery after recovering from an arrow wound he incurred weeks earlier.

When Ollie begins practising his archery, a security guard sics an attack dog on him. After incapacitating both the dog and the guard, Oliver reveals that he is a guest of Carol Ferris', forcing the guard to apologise. The apology seems suspicious to Oliver, but soon after the guard has left, Isaac appears.

While visiting the Ferris Aircraft complex, Carol reveals that her company has been developing a cheaper fuel in order to save themselves from bankruptcy. Green Lantern has doubts about the environmental impact of this fuel, but suddenly, a drainage rig collapses, nearly crushing Carol if not for GL's quick ring-slinging. Carol is grateful, but further investigation reveals that it was no accident. He sets off in search of Green Arrow, to help in the detective work.

Meanwhile, Isaac dresses Oliver's shoulder wound, and reveals that he had previously been a scientist but soon found that he would die as a result of inhaling too much polluted air, prompting him to take a stand. Oliver agrees to join Isaac in his fight, but Green Lantern arrives, warning that there is more to Isaac than there seems. Isaac admits to tampering with the machines, but confesses that he was unaware that there might be consequences to humans. While Green Lantern attempts to apprehend Isaac, Green Arrow intervenes leading to an altercation. Green Arrow fires a sleeping-gas arrow, which - while subduing Green Lantern - enrages Isaac, who claims that the gas is a form of pollutant.

Soon, the guard from earlier returns with two friends, and they attack and capture both Green Lantern and Green Arrow. The guards drag them back to the Ferris test-site, where they discover that Isaac has crucified himself in front of a test-plane, locking testing. Rather than simply cutting him down and arresting him, the Ferris employees decide to teach him a lesson by leaving him there for days. Oliver escapes his bonds and calls on the Ferris employees to abandon their project, and find a compromise. However, Isaac refuses to compromise. The Ferris foreman washes his hands of the matter, and both heroes are strung up beside Isaac.

Later, Isaac confesses that he will likely die of his disease by morning. Unfortunately, Green Lantern's ring has been taken, so Oliver uses his bowman's strength to break the chains on his wrist. However, even as Oliver has freed himself, Isaac succumbs to his illness and dies. Carol arrives, explaining that one of her security force had been drunk and stolen the Green Lantern Ring. When the foreman says that Isaac was crazy, Green Lantern is filled with rage, and uses his ring to destroy a nine million dollar aircraft. He quips "Send me a bill!"

Appearing in "The Impossible Mr. Paradox!"

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Synopsis for "The Impossible Mr. Paradox!"

This story is reprinted from Green Lantern #38.


  • This book was first published on February 22, 1972.
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  • Much of the imagery in the first story, and some of the dialogue mirrors the biblical crucifixion story.

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