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"Mosaic, Part Four of Four: Sculptures": On Oa, the various species transplanted onto the planet's surface are at war. A frustrated John Stewart, is plagued by visions of the mad Guardian Appa Ali Apsa.

Quote1 You should feel privileged that we allow you here. By remaining among these creatures, you make their work easier. If you wish to protest-- then you may leave them behind to fend for themselves. Now, what is your decision, John Stewart? Quote2
-- Guardians of the Universe

Appearing in "Mosaic, Part Four of Four: Sculptures"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Moses Rockwell

Other Characters:

  • Ibrahim




Synopsis for "Mosaic, Part Four of Four: Sculptures"

On Oa, the various species transplanted onto the planet's surface are at war. A frustrated John Stewart, is plagued by visions of the mad Guardian Appa Ali Apsa.
When John returns to his home, he finds that the comatose alien belonging to the expansionist horde that incited the violence is on the way to awakening. The alien tells John to go see Rose Hardin, in Hope Springs. Rose had contact the horde, an empathetic race, in hopes that they would use that ability to send a message to John.
They argue over what can be done to reunite the people of the Mosaic, and stop the violence, but they are interrupted when the walls that John put up around each city break down. The human rebels and aliens begin massacring the races on the other sides of the walls.
Fortunately, Hal Jordan and his other Green Lantern Corps recruits, Brik and Chaselon, arrive and intervene. Hal goes off in search of John and the Guardians of the Universe, hoping for an explanation. John, seeing Hal becomes somewhat jealous, knowing that in the past, he has always relied on Hal to save the day. When confronted, John's new-found conviction regarding the way to handle this situation convinces Hal to let him take a leadership role.
Hal and his recruits work on ending the violence, while John rounds up the rebel leaders of each species and locks them away in a holding facility. He then visits Rose, with whom he hopes to form a group of like-minded species to work towards unity. When Rose wonders when the Guardians of the Universe will send the collective cities back to their respective home planets, John seeks an audience with them.
The Guardians are evasive at first, but eventually, they admit that they have no plans to send the cities home. John is angered, claiming that the whole thing is simply an experiment. The Guardians admit this also, but remain resolute that regardless of John Stewart's actions, the experiment will continue.
John leaves, angrily. He then begins gathering the like-minded members of each species together in his home to make plans.


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