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"The Contest": While Hal Jordan is busy answering a distress call from earth, Brik and two potential recruits for the Green Lantern Corps from Stoneworld - Aa and Kworri - arrive at Teban, w

Quote1 Is that all you think you did for me, Hal? Don't you know what my life was like on Dryad? My people are boulders! Their lives are the lives of stones! There are so few of us-- and we never move-- we barely change-- Quote2
-- Brik

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Synopsis for "The Contest"

While Hal Jordan is busy answering a distress call from earth, Brik and two potential recruits for the Green Lantern Corps from Stoneworld - Aa and Kworri - arrive at Teban, where the Tebans are at war with the Quahdogans. Despite Kworri's impulses, Brik decides that they will wait for Hal to arrive before beginning the search for Star Sapphire or interfering in the skirmish.
On a Teban battleship, their leader Kreon meets with Flicker, who promises that despite the fact that Star Sapphire proved too volatile to use in battle, he has a plan to get Hal Jordan there to temper her behaviour.
Hal finally returns, and provides each of the other three Lanterns with an energy signature by which to trace the Star Sapphire. Aa is concerned about the war, and wonders why they do not intervene, but Hal becomes annoyed with her questioning, and sends her with Brik to seek Star Sapphire out. Kworri soon follows.
Later, Hal is frustrated that they can't find Carol, despite the fact that she can't fight as Star Sapphire without emitting the energy signature he's tracking. Unable to hide her own feelings, Brik asks Hal who Carol is to him. Hal tells his story of regret, including how Carol, as Star Sapphire murdered Katma Tui, the wife of his friend John Stewart. After hearing Hal's story, Brik suggests that he still loves Carol, and suggests that he find someone else. Hal senses Brik's feelings for him, and tries to let her down easy.
They are interrupted by the arrival of Kworri, who has captured two Teban soldiers, who claim that Star Sapphire is being held on Kreon's ship. Without any hesitation, Hal flies there, not aware that Flicker has spread the information around as bait. Hal and the other Lanterns fight their way onto the bridge of Kreon's ship.
Inside, Flicker holds a gun to Star Sapphire's head, stopping Hal in his tracks. Faced with concerns about the greater good, Aa attacks Flicker. Flicker misses shooting Carol, and Hal jumps him. When Flicker nearly gets the upper hand, Brik saves Hal's life. However, when Flicker realizes he is defenceless, he simply disappears.
Hal and the other Lanterns escape with Star Sapphire still encased within a crystal prism. Once they are out of range of the Tebans, Hal reveals his decision about which candidate from Stoneworld will become a Green Lantern. To the surprise of both Brik and Kworri, Hal chooses Aa as the new Lantern, because she has the questioning quality that is needed to keep the strong wills of others in check. Unfortunately, the moment is sullied by Star Sapphire's escape from the crystal.


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