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Green Lantern Vol 3 25


Green Lantern Vol 3 25

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"Prize Fight": Hal Jordan returns to earth in order to confront Guy Gardner, and convince him to return the title of Green Lantern of Sector 2814 to him.

Quote1 Fight me for the ring, Hal. Like a man. One full-scale fight. Winner gets the sector. Loser quits the Corps. Quote2
-- Guy Gardner

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Synopsis for "Prize Fight"

Hal Jordan returns to earth in order to confront Guy Gardner, and convince him to return the title of Green Lantern of Sector 2814 to him.
Hal finds Guy in his apartment, and despite his attempts to convince his rival, Guy is only interested in fighting him for it. Guy sets terms that the winner of a full scale fight between them will get the sector, and the loser must quit the Green Lantern Corps. Hal refuses at first, but Guy's taunting eventually gets the better of him, and he takes a swing.
The two Lanterns fight with their Green Lantern Rings, causing significant damage to New York City. Eventually, the destruction draws the attention of Superman and the rest of the Justice League of America, but when they attempt to intervene, they are blocked by the Green Lantern Corps. John Stewart agrees to get them to move the fight to a different location.
Despite the urging of their friends, Hal and Guy decide to settle the fight without their rings, man to man. Hal, being older and physically weaker is outmatched, but not in terms of cunning. He uses feints and quick retaliations to get the upper-hand. The fight seems to come to an end when Hal knocks Guy down with just one punch (much to the delight of Blue Beetle). Guy is given a second wind by his refusal to be taken down with one punch, and begins mercilessly beating Hal up against a wall. All Hal can do is block, to stay alive. The onlookers are horrified by Guy's brutality and Hal's refusal to fall down, but they won't interfere. However, Hal has been biding his time, and he was simply wearing Guy out. He decides not to be compassionate, and knocks Guy to the ground for the final time - the winner.
When Guy comes to, Hal demands his ring from him, signifying the end of his tenure as a Green Lantern. the JLA and Corpsmen are all pleased about Guy's loss except for his girlfriend Ice, who comforts him. Meanwhile, Hal flies out in his space, celebrating the fact that he's finally got his life back.



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