"The Green Stuff": At a Toy Convention, Olivia Reynolds reveals her new toy line of Green Lantern action figures.

Quote1 What?! You expect me to commercialize my position-- and the Green Lantern Corps?! Quote2
-- Hal Jordan

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Synopsis for "The Green Stuff"

At a Toy Convention, Olivia Reynolds reveals her new toy line of Green Lantern action figures.
Hal Jordan stops by his hotel room in Montoya Bay next to Carol Ferris'. Carol hints heavily that Hal has got the loan from the finance company that he needs for starting his own business. When he gets a call telling him that he got the loan, they are both happy, but Hal is suspicious that Carol had a hand in it.
Hal travels to New York City to meet with Olivia. She reveals her plan to have him endorse her line of toys, but Hal is offended by the suggestion that he would commercialize his identity in that way. Olivia pulls one of the strings on the back of one of her toys, and when it speaks, Hal takes issue with the way it talks. She suggests that he record some lines for it, for authenticity's sake. However, they are interrupted when a flying saucer's inhabitants demand to speak with Green Lantern.
After some brief mishaps, Hal manages to get everything under control and meets with the leader of the aliens within the ship. The alien demands to know when Green Lantern will be looking into the needs of the other planets and species within Sector 2814, and not just the humans. Hal admits that he has been busy getting settled back on earth, and will get to their needs as soon as he can. Satisfied, the aliens leave.
Olivia demands to know what Hal's answer to her proposition is, but he refuses it. She pulls the string on one of her figures, and finds that Hal has used his ring to prevent the figures from saying anything he disapproves of.


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