"Chaos Coming": A strange black veil attacks Floro on the New Guardians' island.

Quote1 HAY-ZUS! Is that Carol? She's gorgeous! I haven't seen her strut like that for years! She must be about to make a big play for me! Quote2
-- Hal Jordan

Appearing in "Chaos Coming"

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Supporting Characters:


  • Krona (Behind the scenes)

Other Characters:




  • Red Piper Lance II

Synopsis for "Chaos Coming"

A strange black veil attacks Floro on the New Guardians' island.
Meanwhile, Hal Jordan prepares to buy up a plane so he can start his air-taxi business. He debates visiting Carol Ferris next door, but decides to go for the plane. Carol, on the other hand, is struggling with some depression, knowing that she still has strong feelings for Hal which are causing her pain. She gets dressed, and realizes that her clothing is a decade out of style. She decides to get a new look, and regain her confidence.
Back on the island, Tommy and Terga Kalmaku are attacked by the same black veil that attacked Floro. Fortunately, Gloss comes to their aid. Once the veil is gone, Harbinger arrives with the remains of Floro. The veil soon returns, and devours both Gloss and Harbinger, leaving Tommy to come up with a plan involving Floro.
Hal happily makes a deal for a modified red Piper Lance II plane, and flies it to the airfield he hopes to buy up. With his plane and his land, Hal finally has all he needs to start his business. Meanwhile, Carol completes her new look, finally feeling attractive again. Hal happens to see her walk by, and is blown away by how good she looks. He resolves to explain that his relationship with Rose Hardin is in the past, and that he has strong feelings for Carol.
At the ruins of Ferris Aircraft, Arisia searches for Hal. Suddenly, a vine tangles round her foot, and Floro appears, calling her to aid the New Guardians.


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