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Green Lantern Vol 3 4


Green Lantern Vol 3 4

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"Among My Souvenirs": Hal Jordan charges his Green Lantern Ring before heading to a peach orchard in California, looking for work. He happens to read a newspaper, but fails to notice a headline stating that an entire city has vanished from the face of the earth.

Quote1 What am I expecting? What call would I ever get... from a vacuum? Tomorrow morning, then. I start a new rhythm. Tomorrow morning, I don't charge the ring. Tomorrow morning, I am only a man. Tomorrow morning... if it ever comes... Quote2
-- Hal Jordan

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Synopsis for "Among My Souvenirs"

Hal Jordan charges his Green Lantern Ring before heading to a peach orchard in California, looking for work. He happens to read a newspaper, but fails to notice a headline stating that an entire city has vanished from the face of the earth.
Elsewhere, rogue Guardian of the Universe App Ali Apsa creates a mind-union with Green Lantern John Stewart, who has been trapped against his will. Through this mind-union, the Guardian (who has gone insane) beings ripping cities across the universe from the very ground, and transplanting them onto the barren ruins of the planet Oa. With Johns help, he retraces his steps when he travelled alongside Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen, while they were hard-travelling heroes. He collects every city that they visited together, one by one.
Meanwhile, Hal has become used to his life as a peach-picker in the orchard, soon joined by the man who recommended him the job, Clay. When they overhear a radio broadcast stating that Evergreen City has vanished, Clay wonders if Hal will investigate. Hal refuses, claiming that the world is full of heroes, but there aren't enough pickers for the orchard.
At the city limits of Evergreen, the JLA investigates the crater where the city once stood. Martian Manhunter notes that even Superman was unable to follow the city to its final destination. As they stand there Guy Gardner gets a message on his ring from John Stewart, who hopes to contact the other Lanterns to hep him. Unfortunately, Guy dismisses the message as a hallucination. Just as this occurs, the rogue guardian rips yet another city that he and his friends had visited from the planet's surface.
Back at the Orchard, Clay continues to question Hal about why he gave up being a Green Lantern, and encourages him to take up the mantle again. Hal claims that since the Guardians abandoned the Corps, he hasn't had a good reason to return. However, he keeps his ring, just in case someone can give him one.
On Oa, the Guardian sets his sights on the last town that he had visited: Hope Springs. Hal had developed a brief romantic relationship with a woman named Rose Hardin in that same town just weeks earlier. John Stewart does his best to resist mind-union with the Guardian.
That night, Hal hopes to start a new routine in which he no longer charges his ring in the mornings, and does away with his Green Lantern Power Battery. He falls asleep beneath a tree under the crescent moon. In a dream, Hal receives a message from John Stewart asking for help. Unfortunately, Hal's subconscious persists in interfering with John's message. Finally, Appa Ali Apsa realizes John's actions and puts a stop to them - simultaneously alerting Hal to the danger.
When Hal awakes, he realizes that he has a reason to take up the Green Lantern mantle again, and heads to Hope Springs, hoping he is not too late. Unfortunately, he arrives after the vanishing, but a nearby spectator points him in the direction of Oa.


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