"Parallax View: The Resurrection of Hal Jordan, Part 2": The story continues from the last issue, where we see Hal Jordan, as Parallax being confronted by the last of the Guardians of the Universe, Ganthet. Ganthet tries to get Parallax to s

Quote1 You were the best of those who wielded the ring. Hal Jordan. But no longer. The ring... the power... cannot be yours. Quote2
-- Ganthet

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Synopsis for "Parallax View: The Resurrection of Hal Jordan, Part 2"

The story continues from the last issue, where we see Hal Jordan, as Parallax being confronted by the last of the Guardians of the Universe, Ganthet. Ganthet tries to get Parallax to stop, but both know that Ganthet is not powerful enough to stop him. But, Ganthet is not the one who's gonna stop Parallax, it's Earth's heroes, all of them who were once friends of Hal before he became Parallax. The first to go up against Parallax is Hal's old friend, Ollie Queen, the Green Arrow, who fires an arrow at Parallax, but catches it before it hits him and breaks it in half.

Green Lantern manages to punch Parallax long enough for Kyle to rally the other heroes against Parallax. Hawkman and Flash try to attack, but Parallax blasts them away. Then, Martian Manhunter tries to go after him and try to reason with him by saying that he's repeating his mistakes, but Parallax chains him up and throws him at Green Lantern.

Aquaman manages to knock Parallax from behind, telling him that they have all lost something, but it doesn't allow them to act like god because of it. Parallax counters by saying that he's still a hero, he's just doing it differently than what he used to do, and crushes Aquaman with a ball of green energy. Suddenly, he gets punched by an invisible hand, it's Martian Manhunter. Seeing that Parallax is distracted, Hawkman attacks him, but it has no effect on Hal and he knocks Hawkman far away, only to be caught by the Flash. While trying to shield himself from Green Lantern, Hal attacks J'onn telling him that he of all people should understand the things that Hal's been going through, considering that J'onn lost his entire world, but he's just like everyone else.

While that's happening, Ganthet and Green Arrow are watching the battle. Ganthet realizes that the battle is going badly, but Green Arrow tells him that they're doing the best that they can. Ganthet counters by telling him that there is another way to stop Parallax before teleporting away. With Ganthet gone, Green Arrow strikes Hal with his bow, but it's ineffective. Parallax tries to reason with him, citing their close friendship to try and convince him to join his side, but Green Arrow refuses, so Hal creates a construct of a snake and ties Green Arrow up.

Flash goes after Parallax, telling him that in the past, he always thought of him as his uncle. He also tells Hal that he knows what happened to Coast City when it was destroyed, but since he wasn't there, he tries to get Hal to tell him what really happened then. But, Hal just strikes back at him, telling him that he's proud that Wally has become as much a hero as Barry was, but for his own good, Hal's actions are necessary.

Now that nearly everyone has been defeated, it once again falls down to Green Lantern to stop the maniac. They battle each other fiercely, but Hal's experience and power is much greater than Kyle's and creates a giant blast, which knocks Kyle out, allowing Hal to finally take the last Green Lantern Ring in existence, and transforms into his old uniform, but there's someone else there to stop him: Superman. Superman tries to reason as well with Hal, saying that they need to talk, but Hal's not interested in talking, so they fight it out. Superman tries to figure out the reason why Hal's acting the way he is. Hal reminds Superman that he was at Coast City as well with him when it was obliterated by Cyborg Superman and Mongul, causing the deaths of seven million people, all of them Hal knew when he was Green Lantern. They blast each other with their powers, but Superman grabs Hal from behind, but Hal creates a bomb that explodes on Superman, creating a huge explosion. After the smoke clears, Hal is the winner, with only Ganthet remaining.

Ganthet berates Hal for the actions that he has done since he destroyed the Green Lantern Corps, the Green Lantern Central Power Battery, and Oa, saying that he wanted the power to restore Coast City, destroying the Corps and the Guardians in the process. And once he had the power, he battled against his friends and brought harm onto them. Hal tells him that he was only trying, but Ganthet reminds him that he was once the greatest of the Green Lanterns, but the power is no longer his anymore. Hal counters by telling Ganthet that he was tired of listening to the Guardians, and only sought enough power to resurrect Coast City, but the Guardians rejected him, and that it's their fault that he is like this now. Despite all that, Hal still needs power and the remaining power of the Green Lantern Corps is Ganthet. Ganthet tells him that he can give him that power, but it shouldn't come to that point. Just as Hal is about to take Ganthet's power, Kyle strikes Hal from behind with a pipe, which doesn't do anything to him.

Hal scoffs at Kyle's determination to stop him, but Kyle tells him that it is his duty as a hero to stop criminals like Hal, and that despite not having any power to stop Hal, he is still willing to do it, because he's Green Lantern. Those words are enough to affect Hal, and he changes back into his Parallax uniform, realizing that he cannot turn back from what he has done, and that the Green Lantern ring doesn't belong to him, it belongs to Kyle. As for Hal and Ganthet, Ganthet gives Hal the power that he desires, and Hal takes it, but instead of attacking everyone around him, he flies away and disappears.

Now that he's gone, the others talk with Kyle, with him saying that his words must have made an impact on him, allowing him to realize that the ring doesn't fit with him anymore, and that since he got the ring from Ganthet, Kyle has been debating whether the ring fits him or not, but Superman tells him that the ring was given to him for a reason, and that now more than ever, he is Green Lantern.

Meanwhile, in Coast City, we see a boy crying, looking for his missing dog, when suddenly, his dog shows up, having been found by Green Lantern, but as we see eventually, it is just an image of Hal's imagination, where we see Hal in some unknown place, crawled up, realizing that he is alone now in the universe.


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