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Green Lantern Vol 3 81


Green Lantern Vol 3 81

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"Funeral for a Hero": All of the world's superheroes pay their final respects to Hal Jordan, who sacrificed himself to destroy the Sun-Eater during The Final Night event.

Quote1 And even though I'd like to learn more about Hal, I know enough to say I'm very proud to carry on the name Green Lantern. Hal made the ultimate sacrifice. I know he'll be remembered as the ultimate hero. Because of Hal Jordan ... we can all celebrate a new dawn. Quote2
-- Green Lantern

Appearing in "Funeral for a Hero"

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Synopsis for "Funeral for a Hero"

All of the world's superheroes pay their final respects to Hal Jordan, who sacrificed himself to destroy the Sun-Eater during The Final Night event.


  • Hal Jordan died while destroying the Sun-Eater and restoring the sun in The Final Night #4.


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