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Green Lantern Vol 3 9

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"The Two And Only": Guy Gardner fully assumes that the Guardians of the Universe will choose Hal Jordan to be the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, leaving him to recruit new members for the [[Gr

Quote1 I can't believe it. I finally get what I been wanting all along. I'm finally it. And nobody'll buy it! Quote2
-- Guy Gardner

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Synopsis for "The Two And Only"

Guy Gardner fully assumes that the Guardians of the Universe will choose Hal Jordan to be the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, leaving him to recruit new members for the Green Lantern Corps and John Stewart to look after Oa. Guy's jealousy and hotheadedness cause the three Lanterns to argue among themselves, until the Guardians interrupt.
Surprisingly, the Guardians select Hal as the recruiter, noting his experience and knowledge of the Corps' requirements. The indicate that he may have a future leadership role. Stewart is selected to look after Oa, as expected. This leaves Guy as the sole remaining Green Lantern of Earth, and he is ecstatic.
Unfortunately, when he returns to the Justice League headquarters in New York City, none of the other heroes believe that he's the new Green Lantern of Earth. Feeling somewhat defeated, Guy confides in Kilowog. Kilowog reminds him that it's the people who matter, and not the heroes, so Guy sets out in search of some people to save.
After several destructive and showy 'saves,' Guy hears someone address him as a 'fellow Green Lantern' - impossible, since he, Hal, and John are supposed to be the only ones left. It turns out to be G'Nort, self described Green Lantern at Large. G'nort claims he got his ring from the Guardians, because his uncle has pull with them. Guy dismisses him, and looks for a new challenge.
Guy uses his ring to save a tropical island from destruction by diverting the lava flow of a volcano, but as he stands around accepting their praise, G'nort uses his ring to plug up the volcano, and the building pressure results in a violent eruption. Guy is enraged, and decides to contact the Guardians to see what the deal is with G'nort.
A Guardian appears, but seems to have no knowledge of G'nort, and notes that the Guardians had withdrawn with the Zamarons long before G'nort claims to have received his ring. Still, the ring G'nort bears is legitimate, and Guy and G'nort leave Earth on a quest to discover who would be stupid enough to give him a ring.


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