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Green Lantern Vol 3 98


Green Lantern Vol 3 98

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"Future Shock: Part One": The Green Lantern Corps is fleeing from the Legion of Super-Heroes. The Corps does not consist of heroes anymore - instead they represent some of the worst criminals the future has encounter

Quote1 Seriously, I'm Green Lantern. Don't you recognize me? Quote2
-- Kyle Rayner

Appearing in "Future Shock: Part One"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Tomar Ro
  • Dalana Barr
  • Flaay P'kari
  • Nytoro Borin
  • Renno
  • Din Collus
  • Sklarian
  • Sparak

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Future Shock: Part One"

The Green Lantern Corps is fleeing from the Legion of Super-Heroes. The Corps does not consist of heroes anymore - instead they represent some of the worst criminals the future has encountered in quite some time. The Green Lanterns use their powers to defeat members of the Legion and escape with the loot they were looking for. The Legion though has one Green Lantern in custody and hope get some information by interrogating him in jail. However, it is Kyle Rayner they have and he has nothing to do with the villains. It takes the GL from the past some time to plead his case, but in the end he convinces the Legion to trust him and gets taken to their HQ. Kyle not only finds out, that in this time the Corps is just a bunch of thieves, but also that there do not exist any records of him ever being a Green Lantern. There only exist recordings of Hal Jordan. Also, time travelling has been outlawed so the Legion is not able to send Kyle back home.

With that in mind Kyle decides to help the Legion in taking down the GL Corps. He teams up with XS who is quite flattered by forming a kind of Flash/GL team-up. However, both heroes are overwhelmed by the Corps and are taken aboard their space station. The leader of the criminals takes the ring away from Kyle to use it for his own purposes, but it does not work and suddenly the ring disappears from his finger.

At another place, Ganthet puts that exact ring into the hands of the homeless woman Cary Wren who then becomes a new Green Lantern ...


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