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Quote1 You have been chosen for one reason. You are a man that will overcome great fear. Hal Jordan of Earth. Do you accept this duty? Quote2
-- Abin Sur

Appearing in "Airborne"

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Synopsis for "Airborne"

Several years ago, Green Lantern Abin Sur crash-lands on Earth. He summons former test pilot Hal Jordan to become his successor.

Today, Hal asks his friend Shane Sellers for help in regaining his test pilot job. John Stewart calls Hal for help in investigating an abandoned spacecraft in Earth orbit. They discover the craft is empty and determine it was designed for a one-way trip.

Hal returns to his home in the newly rebuilt Coast City, where few are willing to live since its destruction by Hank Henshaw and Mongul. Hal reunites with his brother Jim and tries to convince him to return to Coast City. Suddenly, a damaged aircraft flies by Hal's apartment. He rushes off to help it land, and makes two discoveries: The pilot of the plane is a beautiful blonde named Jillian "Cowgirl" Pearlman, and the engine of the plane is clearly of extraterrestrial origin.

Meanwhile, two Air Force officers are transporting a mysterious cargo by truck. After they stop at a roadside diner, a robotic humanoid appears at the diner and kills a couple, saying it is looking for its "predecessor." A voice from inside the truck's cargo, en route to Edwards, says ""


  • Hal and John discuss the inactive status of the Green Lantern Corps. This implies that this arc takes place before the Green Lantern Corps: Recharge miniseries.
  • Hal removing his ring from his locker is the first hint that Hal does not wear his ring when he flies planes.
  • The basic infrastructure of Coast City was rebuilt by Hal as The Spectre in Green Lantern: Rebirth. Apparently others took the initiative to go ahead and rebuild the city.


  • Hal Jordan's pilot call sign is "Highball."
  • 00-00 is the Green Lantern code for "Abandoned Spacecraft."

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