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in: Dan DiDio/Executive Editor, Ethan Van Sciver/Cover Artist, Moose Baumann/Cover Artist
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"Wanted: Hal Jordan Chapter Two": At the opening of the issue, the scene is at Sector 3601, the forbidden sector of the Green Lantern Corps, homeworld of the Manhunters, when one of the Guardians of the Universe finds the mechanical skull of

Quote1 I'm sorry Green Lantern -- but this is for your own good. You're coming home with us. Quote2
-- Alan Scott

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Synopsis for "Wanted: Hal Jordan Chapter Two"

At the opening of the issue, the scene is at Sector 3601, the forbidden sector of the Green Lantern Corps, homeworld of the Manhunters, when one of the Guardians of the Universe finds the mechanical skull of Hank Henshaw, more commonly known as the Cyborg Superman, who was destroyed by Hal, Guy Gardner, and the Lost Lanterns in Green Lantern #13. The Guardian says that he's presence is requested by the other Guardians who demand to know all he has learned in Sector 3601 and what he knows the secret about the 52. The scene jumps to Hal fighting the Global Guardians in Russia who are beating him around when the new Crimson Fox uses her pheromone powers on him, but it doesn't work as Hal is more concerned about Jillian "Cowgirl" Pearlman. Then, they hear voices inside their heads where it turns out that the Global Guardians were sent by the Faceless Hunters, who are bounty hunters hired by Hal's predecessor, Abin Sur's son, Amon Sur. The hunters then capture the Green Lantern, who inform Amon of Green Lantern's capture. Meanwhile, in Salisbury, England, we see a couple of hikers by Stonehenge when they notice a glowing violet gem on the ground. The gem then attaches itself to the female and transforms her into a Star Sapphire and kills her male friend. Apparently, the Star Sapphire Gem is searching for Green Lantern.

The scene then jumps to somewhere in Russia where we see that Cowgirl has been captured by Chechnyan terrorists she was sent to destroy, in a van. She then grabs the steering wheel and crashes the truck into a tree and escapes her captors. Meanwhile, in the Antimatter Universe planet of Qward, we see the Weaponers of Qward working on creating yellow power rings, when one of them talks about revolting against Sinestro, when he is beheaded by Arkillo, who was welcomed into something called the Sinestro Corps for his ability to instill great fear. Arkillo then orders the rings to be activated and sent into the positive matter universe to find sentient beings.

Back in Russia, the Faceless Hunters and the Global Guardians take Hal to their spaceship when they are attacked by the Rocket Red Brigade who want Green Lantern for his multiple incursions into Russian territory. Hal then escapes his captors, but the Rocket Reds are not interested in helping Green Lantern and proceed to attack him as well, when Hal is shot from behind. He turns around and sees the Justice League, and Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, who want him to come with him to explain his actions.


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  • Cyborg Superman is found by the Guardians who take him to Oa, where he will be questioned by the Guardians about the secret of the 52 at the beginning of the Sinestro Corps War.

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