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Geoff Johns/Writer, Doug Mahnke/Penciler, Christian Alamy/Inker, Keith Champagne/Inker, Doug Mahnke/Inker, Randy Mayor/Colourist, Nick J. Napolitano/Letterer, Eddie Berganza/Editor, Hal Jordan (New Earth)/Appearances, Orange Lantern Corps (New Earth)/Appearances, Larfleeze (New Earth)/Appearances, Blume (New Earth)/Appearances, Glomulus (New Earth)/Appearances, Warp Wrap (New Earth)/Appearances, Star Sapphire Corps (New Earth)/Appearances, Aga'po (New Earth)/Appearances, Carol Ferris (New Earth)/Appearances, Predator (New Earth)/Appearances, Abraham Pointe (New Earth)/Appearances, Atrocitus (New Earth)/Appearances, Thaal Sinestro (New Earth)/Appearances, Blue Lantern Corps (New Earth)/Appearances, Bro'Dee Walker (New Earth)/Appearances, Adara (Entity) (New Earth)/Appearances, Nicole Morrison (New Earth)/Appearances, Green Lantern Corps (New Earth)/Appearances, Salakk (New Earth)/Appearances, Voz (New Earth)/Appearances, Larvox (New Earth)/Appearances, Butcher (New Earth)/Appearances, Bartholomew Allen (New Earth)/Appearances, Sector 2814/Appearances, Earth/Appearances, Deer Lodge/Appearances, Montana/Appearances, Livonia/Appearances, Michigan/Appearances, Sector 1416/Appearances, Zamaron/Appearances, Sector 0/Appearances, Oa/Appearances, Green Lantern Ring/Appearances, Orange Lantern Ring/Appearances, Star Sapphire Ring/Appearances, Star Sapphire Central Power Battery/Appearances, Red Power Ring/Appearances, Yellow Power Ring/Appearances, Blue Lantern Ring/Appearances, Brightest Day, Green Lantern: New Guardians, Comics, 2010, 2010, November, 2010, September (Publication), Green Lantern Vol 4, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Green Lantern Vol 4 58


Green Lantern Vol 4 58

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"The New Guardians, Chapter Six: Hope Burns Bright": Sinestro and Atrocitus investigate a prison attacked by Butcher, the entity of rage. During their stay at the prison, some the officers point their guns at Sinestro, but he points his ring-generated weapons at the guards to stand down. Atrocit

Appearing in "The New Guardians, Chapter Six: Hope Burns Bright"

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Synopsis for "The New Guardians, Chapter Six: Hope Burns Bright"

Sinestro and Atrocitus investigate a prison attacked by Butcher, the entity of rage. During their stay at the prison, some the officers point their guns at Sinestro, but he points his ring-generated weapons at the guards to stand down. Atrocitus then destroys a bus full of prisoners, telling the guards that's what they should to murderes.

In Zamaron, Carol is ready to accept the role of Queen of the Star Sapphires, much to Hal's dissaproval.

In Livonia, Michigan, a girl named Nicole Morrison is being held hostage by a man. Nicoles says the man that she forgives him for holding her hostage. She then attacks the man with a plate full of soup and tries to escape. The man grabs her,.suddenly, Adara, the entity of hope, appears and takes Nicole's body as a host and saves her.

Meanwhile, in Zamaron, Larfleeze finds that his ring's power level is dropping without Ophidian. Larfleeze watches Abraham Pointe until Green Lantern returns him to Earth so that he can answer for his crimes. Abraham says that when the Predator used him as a host, he saw that Larfleeze lost hsi family a long time ago. he also says that Larfleeze isn't his real name. Larfleeze furiously attacks him, but Hal stops him. Suddenly, Hal recives a message from Saint Walker, saying that Adara has chosen.

In Oa, Salakk tells Voz and Larvox that Hal's ring hasn't logged any arrest or even a single confrontation after the Blackest Night. Larvox says that Hal is taking some R & R, rest and relaxation. He then says that Salakk could use some of that. Salakk says that he doesn't think that Hal is taking R & R. He then says that he thinks that either Hal's ring is malfunctioning or that he doesn't want the Guardians to know what he is doing.

Hal, Larfleeze and Walker meet Adara, who sees the hoplessness inside Hal and Larfleeze. Adara sees that Larfleeze's family is still alive. But just when she is about to watch Hal's hopelessness, the Flash appears, saying that he wants to talk to Hal about his new friends.


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