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Green Lantern Vol 4 6


Green Lantern Vol 4 6

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"Black Sheep": On a naval destroyer, the crew are looking for any sign of the Green Lantern. One of them sees a light, and a flying saucer soon rises from the ocean. The captain radios General Stone at Edwards.

Quote1 You know what? You'll be the twenty third person I've killed today. But that doesn't make me a bad man. Death is good. And death wants you back. Quote2
-- Black Hand

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Synopsis for "Black Sheep"

On a naval destroyer, the crew are looking for any sign of the Green Lantern. One of them sees a light, and a flying saucer soon rises from the ocean. The captain radios General Stone at Edwards.

On the ship, the aliens have the Shark secured, and are about to begin experimenting on Green Lantern, when Hector Hammond wakes him up. Green Lantern quickly traps the aliens in small cages, and his ring informs him that the aliens are Kroloteans, or Gremlins; beings who are prone to tampering a with a planet's natural resources;be they technological or biological;and accelerate their evolution. Suddenly, Green Lantern begins to weaken, as Black Hand drains the life force from him. Hand says that Green Lantern will be the twenty third person he's killed, but he shouldn't mind, as death is good. As Hand monologues, Hal has flashbacks involving his family.

Suddenly, Black Hand is thrown off by an explosion from outside. The Air Force has come to investigate, only to be fired upon, and has returned fire. Cowgirl and Colonel Sellers are part of the squadron. Green Lantern begins trying to stabilize Hector Hammond, when the Shark breaks free of his container, still hungry. As the Kroloteans begin trying to destroy Cowgirl's plane physically, Green Lantern jumps on, leading the Shark, who attacks the Kroloteans. Unfortunately, Black Hand, who can now fly, arrives and knocks Green Lantern into a nearby graveyard.

In the graveyard, Black Hand rages against Green Lantern, saying that he had his chance at life, and doesn't get to come back. He further assumes that Green Lantern hates death, because it's more powerful than him. Green Lantern stops his rant by slicing off Black Hand's regrown hand and knocking him into a hole he just dug, saying that without life, death has no purpose. Green Lantern then catches the crashing ship, saving Hammond. In his hole, Black Hand continues that death is stronger.

On Edwards Airforce Base, Hal discusses the recent events with General Stone. They managed to capture Black Hand and Hammond, but the Shark escaped. Hanger 44 is to be converted into a facility to contain Hammond, Hand, and what's left of the Manhunter android. Later, Hal takes the Kroloteans and their ship to the Green Lanterns of Sector 2812, who speak German, which is actually Krolotean.

In Hanger 44, Hector Hammond talks about how exciting the whole experience was, but the Manhunter androids merely drones on: "No man escapes the Manhunters!" each time Hector communicates with him. Hector, however, reveals that he knew the Kroloteans were coming, and that they made certain adjustments and alterations to his body, and tells the Manhunter that things are different now...

...With his voice.


  • This book was first published on December 21, 2005.
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