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Green Lantern Vol 5 7

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"The Secret of the Indigo Tribe, Part One": On the Indigo Tribe homeworld, Indigo-1 has visions of Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Kilowog and Abin Sur. She then gathers the Indigo Lanterns and prepares for a new mission.

Quote1 I have recovered the Book of the Black. I've seen glimpses of its prophecies. It's the Guardians. They're going to replace us. THEY'RE GOING TO REPLACE THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS. Quote2
-- Sinestro

Appearing in "The Secret of the Indigo Tribe, Part One"

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Synopsis for "The Secret of the Indigo Tribe, Part One"

On the Indigo Tribe homeworld, Indigo-1 has visions of Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Kilowog and Abin Sur. She then gathers the Indigo Lanterns and prepares for a new mission.

On Earth, Sinestro has just recharged Hal's ring and tells him that they must work together once again, however, Hal refuses. When Sinestro threatens to hurt Carol, Hal gets angry and attacks him. As Hal and Sinestro fight, Sinestro holds the advantage, as Hal's ring cannot hurt Sinestro, who effortlessly incapacitates Hal and tells him about the Guardians's plans to replace the Green Lantern Corps.

Suddenly, Indigo-1 and a group of Indigo Lanterns appear before Hal and Sinestro. Indigo-1 declares the Indigo Tribe's intentions to deal with Sinestro, saying that the Guardians's decision to allow Sinestro keep his Green Lantern ring was a mistake. Then, the Indigo Lanterns take Sinestro and teleport away, with Hal following.

Trying to help Hal, Carol wields her Star Sapphire ring for the first time in months.

On Oa, the Guardians and Voz go to Lyssa Drak's cell to interrogate her. Dismissing Voz, the Guardians want the Book of the Black from Lyssa, while she wants the Book of Parallax. Lyssa admits she does not have the Book, and a Guardian prepares to kill her, but Ganthet tells him not to, as Lantern Voz will ask too much. When the unnamed Guardian suggests killing Voz, Ganthet tells him they can't strike down their Lanterns until they are ready. First, they must find the Book of the Black so that they can find the First Lantern. Then, they must find Sinestro.

On the Indigo Tribe homeworld, Hal awakens in a cell, on his underwear, with his ring discharged. Another prisoner begs Hal to free him, but an indigo energy blast knocks him out. Then, Black Hand appears before Hal.

Hal asks Black Hand what does the Indigo Tribe want with Sinestro, and Black Hand replies that they are all saved. He says that Sinestro is no longer a worry and he will be reborn, just like he was.

Sinestro is placed in chains by Indigo-1.


  • This book was first published on March 14, 2012.
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