Greg Arkin was once best friends with Clark Kent and Pete Ross in grade school. The three of them spent time in a treehouse that Greg's father had built for them, although Clark always felt uncomfortable climbing it due to his aversion to heights. Greg later stopped hanging around Clark and Pete after his parents' divorce, and stopped returning their calls. Clark characterized their relationship in high school as merely seeing each other in the halls

Greg was attacked by a swarm of meteor rock-infected bugs which gave him superhuman powers. He had improved eyesight, superhuman strength, and the ability to spin webbing. With his newfound insect abilities, Greg had one thing on his mind: mating with Lana Lang. After killing his mother and molting in the shower — layers of his skin literally peeling off — he kidnapped Lana. Clark found them in Greg's old treehouse, and they battled in the nearby foundry. During the battle, Clark used lead to protect himself from the meteor rocks throughout the foundry. Greg was crushed under heavy machinery during the struggle, with multiple smaller bugs subsequently appearing from under the machine and into the mass around the foundry.

Three years later, it was revealed that an evil scientist named Dr. Donovan Jamison was studying one of the bugs that appeared after Greg was crushed. Dr. Jamison claimed that the bug was Greg, saying that the bug's DNA matched Greg's.

Greg reappears ten years later at a reunion at Smallville High School. He has somehow regained his human form and sanity. Greg displays none of his violent insectoid behavior, instead appearing happy and peaceful. He is also aware of Clark's double-life and present relationships: he deliberately seeks out Lois Lane at the reunion and sincerely asks her to send Clark his thanks. Greg declares that Clark is a hero who saved Greg from his "web of obsession", indicating that he considers Clark to have rescued him and his potential victims from his previously hostile insectoid nature.


  • Greg has the longest time between appearances in the series, having first appeared in the second episode of season 1, and not appearing again until the fourth episode of Season 10, a total of 198 episodes.



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