The girlfriend and partner of Cole Cash. When the Daemonite made it appear that Grifter was a terrorist, she was very concerned. when they meet up in a cafe, she tries questioning him about it, one of the daemonite (In the form of a cop) appears in the same cafe (Trying to prove it to her, he started a battle with the daemonite in disguise and set it on fire, believing he killed a cop, telling him good-bye she vacated the area and hopped a train.

When she got off a station outside of gotham, she was confronted by the police. And, while she was able to escape she was captured by Daemonite and brought to one of there earth HQ. Carver/Su'ry (A elite daemonite) began To question her as to why Cole Cash is different than other humans and plans to present him to the black curate. When Carver began the preparation to have Grafter be killed by the black curate, Grifter was able to slip Gretchen a knife. When Sofia Cordon cause a explosion it began a fight between the good guys and the Daemonite (With black curate grabbing and dragging her in the portal) a grenade badly damage the device causing the portal to suck thing in. when they try to escape one of the daemonite grabbed her and took her into the portal. She is currently captive of the black curate.