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Quote1 I am the Grid. For years I was a stray anomaly floating through his system, simply collecting data and processing it... Victor was the one who felt joy and shame and excitement... So I removed him. Quote2
-- Grid src

After he was given the technology that kept him alive, Cyborg realized that with its telecommunication he could keep constant watch on every superhuman on Earth. However, aware of the invasion of privacy, he refused to consciously hunt for information, leaving secondary cybernetic systems to hunt passively for information. He began to refer to the software that curated the database as "the grid".

The software grew, and developed into a genuine computer intelligence, with quirks copied from the viruses and hackers it encountered. It was shepherded into full sentience by Atomica, who used it to steal all the data of the Justice League's adventures. When she betrayed the heroes to the Crime Syndicate, she brought it with her onto the villain team.

The machine mind, now christened "Grid", served the Crime Syndicate in exchange for the two things it wanted: a body, culled from the robotic prostheses of Cyborg, and emotions, which is its ultimate goal.

Forever Evil

Grid served the Crime Syndicate in their scheme to take over the world, acting as a datahub. He was instrumental to their plan, to take over the global telecoms infrastructure one city at a time, during a worldwide blackout that the group had engineered.

He was eventually stopped by Victor Stone, who had been given new prostheses by his father, and who attacked with the aid of the Metal Men, a gang of non-networked robots. The group appealed to Grid's nascent ego, causing him to disconnect from wireless contact to fight them, after which they seemingly killed him.

The Darkseid War

However, Grid survived, hidden inside Cyborg's systems once again. When the surviving members of the Crime Syndicate teamed up with the Justice League to end a conflict between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor, Superwoman reactivated Grid to strengthen the Syndicate's side of the alliance. Grid was able to take advantage of changes to the nature of Victor Stone's cybernetics[1], and made Victor become him. Grid assisted the combined group, but at the end of the adventure, his allies were dead, except for Owlman, who had Grid download himself into the Mobius Chair. Owlman and Grid are then seen talking to Metron when a powerful force attacks and seemingly kills him.


  • Mechanokinesis As a sentient computer virus, Grid can gain complete control of any system it has unfettered access to, allowing it to manipulate data or rearrange security privileges.


  • Power Limitation: Grid needs to be granted access to a system before it can do anything. This includes having control over his own body, instead of being isolated in cyberspace.[2]
  • No Physical Body: Without Cyborg's mechanical skeleton, Grid is a bodiless computer virus.
  • Restricted Senses: Grid, because it is a virus in a machine, cannot emotionally feel anything. It's ultimate goal is to finally be able to experience emotion. This restriction is partly overcome before it loses its connection to its body.
  • Grid is compelled to leave its "signature" at the end of a conversation or just before a crippling attack. The signature is, "have a nice day".



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