Grimly Feendish was for years believed by most to be merely a comic book character from the 1960's, but the comic book Grimly was actually based somehow on the psychotic criminal mastermind Grymleigh Fiendstein, a mass murderer, thief and would be world conqueror. When the various colorful characters upon whom Britain's comic books were based began being rounded up by the Government using the former criminal known only as The Spider, Feindstein went into hiding and evaded capture for decades before eventually being captured and incarcerated at the top security prison (located at Castle Baaleskine, formerly owned by Cursitor Doom) which by now held most of the other forgotten 'characters'. Feindstein was inadvertently freed in the mass escape orchestrated by Penny Dolmann and her associates, and was last seen apparently about to take revenge on his old nemesis, Warden Eagleton.

The original Grimly Feendish

  • Grimly Feendish's original incarnation, as a cartoon humor character, first appeared in 'Wham!' #4 (11th July 1964), a title published by British publishers Odhams Press. He later appeared in various titles published by IPC Magazines, whose back catalogue was later acquired by Warners.
  • Grimly Feendish's original creator, legendary British artist Leo Baxendale, apparently based him on Uncle Fester from The Addams Family.