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Guy Gardner Reborn Vol 1 3


Guy Gardner Reborn Vol 1 3

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"Guy Gardner Reborn": The Qwardian invasion of Oa begins as Guy's quest to get Sinestro's yellow ring continues.

Quote1 Don't deserve it, he says. That's what they all say. "Guy don't deserve it. Guy don't deserve nothin'. Guy's garbage." All my life they been makin' me feel like garbage. All of 'em. Lovers. Partners. Enemies. Parents. But I hung in. I took it. I showed 'em! I have nothing... 'cept what I took. 'Cept what I got by my own pain. By my own guts! By my own strength! Remember, damn it -- when you gotta do somethin', you give it everything. No doubts. No softness. No nothin'! Yeah, Sinestro. You got the experience. You got the brains. You got the control. But I got one thing you ain't got. I got your ring! Quote2
-- Guy Gardner

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Synopsis for "Guy Gardner Reborn"

The Qwardian invasion of Oa begins as Guy's quest to get Sinestro's yellow ring continues.


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