Quote1 Hippolyta, you didn't tell me you had a daughter. I wonder if she's as loving as her mother. Quote2
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The God of Death, Hades struck a deal with the Titans, and as punishment, was trapped within Tartarus to rule over the dead. Many Years later he was freed by Felix Faust, who had black mailed Wonder Woman into getting the key to tartarus. Faust had made a bargain with Hades that in return for freeing him, Hades would give him ultimate knowledge. But when freed, Hades aged Faust to an elderly man, claiming that pain and suffering were all that humans would ultimately know. As Hades battled the Justice League, they both failed to notice that Felix Faust had managed to get to his feet and create a magical orb. Faust then threw the orb at Hades, burning off his skin and revealing his true form as a horned Wolf-like monster with three tongues. Hades retaliated by blasting Faust away. Realizing the Justice League could not defeat the evil, demonic god, Wonder Woman wrenched the key to Tartarus from the lock, pulling Hades (as well as Faust's dead body (Faust having just perished at that point)) back in. However, later Faust overthrew Hades, after Tala rescued his spirit from Tartarus. Faust tricked Tala into releasing his spirit which went on to possess the Annihilator (a supernaturally-powered battle suit that fed on aggression but was powerless without, Faust later managed to remove that weakness but not its vulnerability to Nth Metal) and headed straight for the gates of Tartarus, intending to get revenge on Hades. The Amazons tried to stop him but Faust managed to easily get passed them and upon entering Tartarus, went straight to Hades' location. What followed was either, Hades ultimately was unable to match Faust or attempted to avoid conflict and thus he tried to offer Faust the books in his library in return for Faust, sparing him. Faust took the gift of the 5,000+ years worth of knowledge but went back on his deal with Hades and had him bound to a rock while Vultures attacked him (similar to Prometheus), thus getting revenge for Hades' previous betrayal. Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl, ventured into Tartarus to restore the supernatural order (Diana being ordered in a written message by Zeus, Shayera accompanying her to provide assistance). They freed Hades, who together with, they managed to defeat Faust and destroy the Annihilator (doing so caused major damage to Faust's soul, reducing it to a withering wreck). Hades took it away, intending to torture it. It was at this point, he indicated to Diana, that he could be her father. He stated that Hippolyta (who had been his lover, prior to his imprisonment within Tartarus) and him had "sculpted [Diana] together", suggesting that Hades is Diana's father. Shayera claimed him to be lying. However, Diana knew that he could be telling the truth. However, she knew it was her mother who raised her to be a hero and that was all she needed to know.


  • Olympian God: Hades is an Olympian God, whose true form is that of a terrifying demonic entity.[1]
  • Immortality: Like the Olympian Gods, he too is timeless and incredibly ancient. It is unknown if he is unkillable.
  • Superhuman Strength: He knocked Wonder Woman into a stone wall with a tug on her lasso and easily damaged Superman with a flick of his wrist.[1]
  • Superhuman Durability: He was able to withstand Batman's explosives and Flash's flurry of fists.[1] He could even withstands tremendous attacks and energy blasts from Felix Faust's Annihilator Armor. He is even impervious to powerful explosions.
  • Regeneration: Upon being released by Wonder Woman, he immediately regenerated form the damage done to him by the Vultures.
  • Magic: He has tremendous levels of supernatural power, which gives him a vast edge over the Justice League.
  • Metamorphosis: He can hide his demonic form with a charismatic human form. He can even increase his physical size.
  • Chronokinesis: He granted Felix Faust "ultimate knowledge" which reduced him to a corpse.[1]
  • Flight: Hades can fly, as he did while combating Felix Faust.
  • Flame Breath: He was able to project hellfire from his mouth, which is powerful enough to chase away the Flash and burn the Martian Manhunter. It nearly destroyed Superman himself.[1]
  • Necromancy: He summoned zombies from the pit of souls and used them to attack the Justice League.[1] He can also physically touch and restrain the soul of Felix Faust.
  • Teleportation: He was able to teleport himself and Wonder Woman and Hawk-Girl to Felix Faust's location.
  • Telekinesis: He was able to psionically move large structures during his battle with the Justice League.
  • Aerokinesis: He was able to manipulate the winds when he teleported to Felix Faust's location.
  • This character is an adaptation of Hades, a character in traditional stories. These include, but may not be limited to religious texts, myth, and/or folk lore. More information on the original can be found at



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