Quote1 S-Stop him! Harold Jordan, most cowardly man in the world and greatest of the P-Power Rings, um... commands you! Or asks nicely. Whatever doesn't make you too mad. Quote2
-- Harold Jordan src

One of the most cowardly humans on his version of Earth, Harold Jordan was a lowly janitor working for Ferris Aircraft before he became the super criminal Power Ring. Jordan had been secretly taking notes to sell Ferris Aircraft's secrets to competitors until he was eventually caught by his boss Carl Ferris for spying on his daughter Carol Ferris. Confronted, Jordan begged him for forgiveness in which his fear caught the attention of the Ring of Volthoom, attached to the alien Abin Sur. The alien, dying from his injuries, made one last wish to give Jordan the ring that he deserves. The ring, accepting its new host, spoke to the lowly janitor and bullied him into accepting the curse.

After making a name for himself with his crime, Power Ring joined the Crime Syndicate and was most regularly paired with Deathstorm. Jordan continually begged Deathstorm to help him remove the alien ring, as it was slowly killing its wearer by ravaging his body. However, Deathstorm constantly dismisses the pleas, saying the he needs more time to study the weapon's effects.

After their home universe was destroyed, the Syndicate invaded Earth 0 in hopes of making it theirs. The Crime Syndicate seemingly killed the Justice League and told Earth's villains that they were free to roam.

A rebellion force, calling themselves the Injustice League, challenged the overlords, with Power Ring losing a fight to Sinestro, one of their members. Sinestro ripped off Power Ring's arm, allowing him to finally be able to find peace from the ring as Jordan took his final breath.[1]

After his physical death, as with all other bearers of the Ring of Volthoom (the Power Ring Corps), his consciousness was transported into the Green Realm, a world made out of concentrated fear, where he still lives, holding onto hope that this world can be saved.[2]


  • Cowardice: Harold Jordan is the most cowardly being in at least the Earth 3 Sector 2814 equivalent, making him a good choice for the Ring of Volthoom. Unfortunately for him, this makes it very hard for him to summon the will to demand someone remove it.


  • The Ring of Volthoom slowly kills its user with intense physical pain, destroying his or her body eventually.



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