The origins of Harry Tanner's abilities are unknown. He joined Stormwatch and served with them for many years. His power set meant that he constantly kept secrets from his teammates.

However, while investigating the aftermath of the blowing of a mysterious horn, Tanner encountered a worm-creature who claimed that the horn was the precursor of a great disaster which would claim the Earth. It was the worm's job to strengthen endangered worlds. To do its job, it needed a host, and it took Tanner for that purpose.

As a host, Tanner betrayed his teammates and kidnapped Adele Benson.

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  • Lying: Tanner possesses unspecified obfuscation powers that make his motives and emotions difficult to accurately guess. He is referred to as the Prince of lies, as he is able to manipulate other by making them believe anything he says, never seeing through his lies. He has unnaturally perfected the art of deception, showing no signs when lying.


  • Swordsmanship: Harry Tanner is a very good swordsman, going so far as to be described as the best in history.


  • Tanner has at least one energy-sword of unknown origin.