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Harvey Dent DCAU 001
Information-silkReal NameHarvey Dent
Information-silkCurrent AliasTwo-Face
Information-silkAliasesHarv, Big Bad Harv, Chief, Judge
Information-silkRelativesLester Dent (father); Grace Lamont (ex-fiancee)
Information-silkBase Of OperationsGotham City
Information-silkIdentityPublic Identity
Information-silkMarital StatusSingle
Information-silkOccupationCrime boss, former District Attorney, former lawyer
Information-silkUnusual FeaturesHalf of his body was horribly deformed by an explosion
Information-silkCreatorsBob Kane, Bill Finger, Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, Mitch Brian
First Appearance
"On Leather Wings"
(September, 1992)

Quote1 But I know Two-Face. And no matter how hard you and Grace deny it, he's always going to be the flip side of Dent. Hateful, angry, ready to lash out at anyone who comes after him. Quote2
-- Robin src

When Harvey Dent was a child, he often harassed by a bully. After being bullied for weeks, Dent decided to stand up to him. One day, he lost his temper and punched the bully in the face. The next day, Dent found out that the bully was in the hospital. Though he went there to get his appendix removed, Dent thought he had sent him there because of their fight. Dent felt so guilty about what happened that he never showed his anger again. Over the years, that built up anger developed into a second personality named "Big Bad Harv." Dent managed to keep it under control for most of his life, but it would always slip out during brief moments of anger and embarrassment.

He later became Gotham City's distinguished District Attorney and a true guardian of law and order. As DA, Harvey was responsible for the construction of Stonegate Penitentiary along with Mayor Hill and Bruce Wayne.[1] One of Harvey's first actions was to promise Harvey Bullock to prosecute Batman if Bullock captured him.[2]

The construction of Stonegate came back to haunt him five years later, when he met Dr. Pamela Isley and fell in love with her, so badly that he proposed after a week of knowing her. After their dinner with Bruce Wayne, Isley had to leave and she gave Harvey a kiss, after which, he dropped unconscious and was taken to the hospital in a severe coma. Harvey was poisoned and Batman retrieved the antidote from Poison Ivy, cured Harvey and warned him about Ivy.[1]

Some time later, on the verge of apprehending mob boss Rupert Thorne, Thorne learned of Dent's other side and knew if it was exploited it could ruin Dent's career. The DA was brought to Thorne who threatened to expose his secret unless he promised a few favors from him. Big Bad Harv took over in that instance and a fight broke out between between Dent and Thorne's men. Batman arrived to help as Dent chased Thorne into chemical plant. Accidental stray bullets created a freak explosion that deformed the left side of Dent's body. The trauma was powerful enough to force his alternate personality to dominate, and left Dent in a state where right and wrong no longer held any meaning.

After the accident, he became a twisted vigilante known as "Two-Face" and soon began his own crusade to bring Thorne down, something the law deliberately failed to do. He feels as though this is the way he was meant to be, living in a world of chaos, without the order and justice he once upheld and believed in. In subsequent episodes, Two-Face became the supervillain he is in the comics. Prior to his disfigurement, Dent once dated Pamela Isley who would later become Poison Ivy and was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne. Batman seemed to have lost all hope of trying to save Dent from his personality, but he never gave up on him. Two-Face's opposing personalities are constantly at war, but as Batman learns, it is usually the bad side that wins. Two-Face moderates his inner conflict with a special coin that is scratched on one side. He uses this coin as the arbiter of his own brand of demented justice, flipping the coin to determine his decisions. Without the coin, Two-Face is lost in a world in which no clear answer exists, and Batman understood he could always use this weakness to his advantage.

The New Batman Adventures

In the final episode, Two-Face's personality fragmented a second time, creating a third personality called "The Judge", a violent court-themed vigilante that attempted to eliminate all of Gotham's denizens, even brutally attacking and defeating master criminals such as Penguin, Killer Croc, and The Riddler. Two-Face, looking to eradicate this new threat to him, had no idea that he himself was The Judge. At the end of the episode he was sent back to Arkham.




Strength level

Two-Face possesses the strength level of a man his age, size and weight who engages in regular exercise.


  • Multiple Personalities: Even before his tragic accident, Dent had two personalities - one friendly and polite, the other "Big Bad Harv," violent and rash. During the course of his life, he also developed a third personality: the Judge.
  • Coin Reliance: Two-Face does things according to chance and therefore relies heavily on his coin to make decisions, making the coin his Achilles' heel. Batman has managed to incapacitate Two-Face on his coin such as by making him lose it or giving him a trick coin that always stays on edge.


  • Two-Face's Coin: A two-headed coin that is clean on one side, and covered by scars on the other. Every decision Two-Face makes falls on the flip of his coin. It is judge, jury and executioner. When the "Good Heads" turns up, Dent will show mercy or do good. When it is "Bad Heads," Two-Face will commit the crime.


Typically Two-Face uses a variety of automatic and semi-automatic handguns to conduct his criminal affairs.

  • Two-Face uses Half 'n Half cream in his coffee.
  • Two Face usually has a set of twins in his gang.


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