Quote1 Then DON'T believe my Lunar Theory, you pop-headed fools --- ssspat -- idiots! IDIOTS! Quote2
-- Prof. Hawkstrum src

One day at a famous university, Professor Hawkstrum proved his Lunar Theory by developing a hand-held device for concentrating Moon Rays into a poisonous green ray. This became his diabolical brain-searing weapon. People exposed to this ray become extremely suggestible, and the vengeful Hawkstrum, under his new alter ego as the "Moon Torchman," created a great deal of dangerous chaos at the university, including a student riot, in which some faculty members were nearly lynched. After a great deal of violent trouble, Mister Scarlet and Pinky were able to put an end to the Moon Torchman's vengeful rampage, and the professor was killed when Pinky flung a large piece of his own electrical equipment onto him, to explosive effect.


Hawkstrum's brain-searing Green Ray scrambled a victim's wits and rendered them suggestible to nearly any command or suggestion.

enemy of Mr. Scarlet