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"Birds of Prey": Katar receives word from Belle Reve that Byth's former cohort Jarl and a group of smugglers have been apprehended. Katar sends word to the High Mor for a prisoner pick up. Meanwhile at Belle Reve, a gnat fly zooms into Jarl's prison cell and starts to annoy him. Suddenly, the gn

Appearing in "Birds of Prey"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Skonky (Dies)

Other Characters:

  • Alexander Cartwright (First appearance)
  • Anna Taylor
  • Micah Taylor




Synopsis for "Birds of Prey"

Katar receives word from Belle Reve that Byth's former cohort Jarl and a group of smugglers have been apprehended. Katar sends word to the High Mor for a prisoner pick up. Meanwhile at Belle Reve, a gnat fly zooms into Jarl's prison cell and starts to annoy him. Suddenly, the gnat fly transforms into Byth Rok. Byth tells Jarl as well as his men to take a Kortan pill so they can all transform and escape. One smuggler named Sahr Skonky refuses Byth's offer to escape and chooses to remain in prison until he is picked up by the Wingmen. Byth accepts Sahr's decision and transforms his head into a monstrous crocodile. Byth chomps and swallows Sahr's head. Byth looks at his men and they all choose to swallow the pill. They all turn into gnat flies and make their escape.

Katar and Shayera get wind of Jarl's escape so he follows up on a lead. Diwar Pen was a supplier of Krotan for Byth back on Thanagar. Pen has come to Earth to give Byth another fresh supply. Katar and Shayera follow Pen to a warehouse. Katar and Shayera observe as Byth and his gang of smugglers revert back to their original forms. Pen is about to hand Byth his latest supply of Krotan when Katar and Shayera crash into the warehouse. Byth thinks Pen has betrayed him and attempts to chew off Pen's head by transforming his cranium into a monstrous hammerhead shark. Shayera saves Pen by shooting Byth with her pistol.

Jarl grabs a wounded Byth and makes the suggestion that they should flee. Byth agrees and the two of them transform into rats. Katar and Shayera contend with the rest of Jarl's gang. Even though they had the ability to transform, Jarl's gang is easily killed off by Katar and Shayera. Katar is disappointed because he wasn't able to capture one smuggler in order to extract information. Shayera shows Katar that Byth left behind his latest batch of Krotan. He will eventually have to come to them if he wants a taste of his power because Byth has become an addict.

Byth meets with Jarl and Jarl's brother Darl at Darl's home. Darl has resided on Earth as liaison between Earth's authorities and Thanagar's. Byth is angry about the botched pick up so he has to improvise. Byth creates a miniature version of himself on his right arm and cuts it off with his blade. Byth tells Jarl to dissolve this tiny version of him and extract the Krotan. Byth will have to make other arrangements until he can get another Krotan supply.

As for Katar, he gets a rude house call from Alexander Cartwright, the landlord at Lake Shore Tower Apartments. A coalition of tenants at the apartment building have decided that Katar must ask his guests Anna and Micah Taylor to leave. The coalition is aware that Anna and her son are from the projects. The tenants don't want their disreputable background to ruin the value of the apartment building. Katar throws the door in Cartwright's face and tells Anna that neither she or her son are moving out. Katar heads to the bedroom in order to get some sleep but he sees Shayera reading his journal.

Katar pulls the journal from Shayera's hands and demands an explanation. Shayera was asked by Chief Andar Pul to keep an eye on Katar when they arrived on Earth. Katar said a few things that are personal to Shayera and she felt offended. Katar tells Shayera to get out. Shayera walks out of the apartment in tears and calls Verzell Jones. Jones meets Shayera for coffee at a local diner. Jones knows that Shayera has strong but mixed feelings for Katar. Jones asks Shayera if she has been sending in her reports about Katar's performance to Chief Pul. Shayera admits that she hasn't because partners don't keep secrets or do things behind their back. As a cop, Jones understands Shayera's predicament. Jones offers Shayera to stay at his place and Shayera senses that Jones is trying to make advance toward her but she accepts because she has feelings for Jones as well.

The next day, Jones and Shayera walk into the precinct for a debriefing of what went down at the warehouse with Byth. Some of the officers patronize and scowl at the two of them because they are under the assumption that Jones slept with Shayera. During the debriefing, Sergeant Carpenter tells Jones to stand up in front of everyone else. All of a sudden, Carpenter shoots Jones at point blank range. Shayera is shocked and looks back at the sergeant. Byth had assumed Carpenter's form. Byth then transforms into a flying crab like monster and makes his escape. Jones' partner Andrea finds Carpenter's mutilated body in his office and Shayera cradles Jones' dead body in her arms. Shayera lays a kiss on Jones' lips and vows to avenge him.


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