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Headmaster was stationed at the compound Warehouse 13 where he was put in charge of the safety and protection of "extras" La Dama's henchman picked from the street. The compound itself was shielded with an occult field that prevented magical gifted creatures from scrying at the outside. So by his degree none of the extras (magical gifted people) were allowed to leave the compound where they are trained to become La Dama's personal army.

A year after the woman Probe of the Posse was captured. The Posse infiltrated the compound in a attempt to get her back. The gang was quickly discovered and out gunned. But Headmaster didn't count on a animosity between the meta guard Spinner and a member of the Posse that ended in a fight. As a result one of the extras got trough the occult field. It was the Headmaster himself as the Blue Beetle tried to prevent him from channelling live energy borrowed from random guards. The headmaster tried to to talk the Blue Beetle in to return him quickly but it was to late the Phantom Stranger had discovered the Warehouse. The Headmaster quickly ordered the guards to seize the fight and settle everything before La Dama arrived. He hadn't had that luxury and the Phantom Stranger and La Dama had a argument. In the end La Dama had to claim she only wished to protected the people of Warehouse 13 and that they where free to leave the compound when ever they wanted. In the end the Posse and less then half of the residence of Ware house 13 stepped out of the front gate.


Little is known about Headmaster's powers but they're Magical in nature.

  • Energy Absorption: Headmaster can absorb live energy of other creatures to add to his own. And to a degree energy projectiles.
  • Elasticity: With enough energy the headmaster could stretch his hands and deform it to constrict his opponents.



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