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Joshua (Hector)
Information-silk Real Name
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Nadia (sister, deceased)
Information-silk Affiliation
Formerly: Virtual Blue Beetle Cave
Information-silk Base Of Operations
Formerly: Hobbiton, El Paso, Texas
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Hector is a skilled computer and brother of Nadia one of Blue Beetle tech support team. However Nadia is killed by the Khaji Dha Revolutionary Army, a subversive group of Reach Infiltrators inspired by Khaji Dha Jaime's Scarab. Hector blames Jaime for his sisters death leaves the country.

Hector later bonds with Reach technology taken from the invaders, gaining the same powers as Blue Beetle. He also took up the alias Joshua based on "Djo Zha" the previous owner of his scarab, who was a member of Kahji Dha Revolutionary Army. This coincides with the alias of Black Beetle, a time traveller from the Future, uses.

When Jaime finally confronts Black Beetle, he claims that he is indeed Hector, and he blames him for his sisters death, but instantly retracts this statement. He then tells Jaime he actually killed Hector and stole his technology. He claims to be Jaime's future self, driven mad after being attacked by a brain-damaged Milagro Reyes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Expert Computer Hacker


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