The Helix Commission was a secret genetics brotherhood made up of the greatest genetics researchers of their time. During the first conference, which was held in Gotham City, Kirk and Francine Langstrom were invited to join and attend. During the conference they learned that one of the goals of the Commission was to create a genetic human without any sentience or conciousness so they could perform research on humans without the ethical obstacles. Disgusted, Kirk and Francine left the group. The remainder of the group eventually made their way into prestigious positions such as Deans allowing them to control grants and publications within the genetics field.

At some undisclosed time, the Helix Commission created a genetic creature using the Langstroms' animal genome research. This creature was not unlike the Man-Bat except he was much more intelligent and wore metallic armor. This creature ultimately went on a vendetta killing Jameson Falk in Central City then killing most of the others in Gotham City including Edwin Clower whom the creature apparently set-up by anonymously offering him a night's stay in a luxurious Gotham hotel. The creature finally went after the Langstroms only to be fought and killed by Man-Bat.


Equipment: Unknown
Transportation: Unknown
Weapons: Unnamed Genetic Construct


The only known appearance of the Helix Commission was in a flashback in Man-Bat Vol 2 3. Most of the members' first and last appearances are within the miniseries. Jameson Falk was killed prior to the beginning of the miniseries.


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