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"Sundays are Different": John Constantine is feeling particularly good today - so good, in fact, that he decides to buy a bag of apples rather than his usual paper and silk cuts.

Appearing in "Sundays are Different"

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Synopsis for "Sundays are Different"

John Constantine is feeling particularly good today - so good, in fact, that he decides to buy a bag of apples rather than his usual paper and silk cuts.

He enjoys the atmosphere of the day, and passes by a nice house. Outside, he meets an old acquaintance from his days in the band. The man is going by his real name - Patrick McDonell - now, and he has changed a lot since his last encounter with John. In the 80s, things were crazy. Now, it's the 90s, and he can feel good about himself. John suggests that they all go to a wine bar for lunch, and Patrick's wife Elise agrees. In the car, John lights up a cigarette, and Elise asks him if he would mind putting it out. Apologetically, john puts it out, claiming that it was just the force of habit.

Over lunch, John comments that he can barely taste the food on account of all the bad coffee and nicotine he's been consuming. Elise and Patrick reply that they try to respect their bodies, so they can be carried into the new age. The three of them get into a discussion about the resurgence of 60s ideals in the 90s, but with a more mature sensibility. The topic shifts to the fact that Patrick failed to pay John for a video that he produced. Despite Patrick's feelings of guilt about the profits he made, John forgives him.

On the way home, Patrick admits that he would like to pay John back for ripping him off. He has been working on creating an eco-friendly, technologically advanced housing development out of Northern Ireland. He hopes that John will stay there for a while in order to drum up some interest while Elise settles her business in London and prepares for the move.

The food he ate doesn't seem to be agreeing with John, and he heads to a washroom. He feels his good mood dwindling away as his body begins its protest. Something in John changes, and he feels as if he's walking in a dream, as words rearrange their letters before his eyes, and even flat ground gives him vertigo. He tries asking a passerby how to get to the station, but the words come out in a garble, and the people around him are unfriendly.

John finds himself drawn to a group of people following a strange rhythm. He walks with them down into a parking garage. A man he had seen earlier in the washroom is there. He addresses John as a magician; a rider of the storm. The man directs John to a strange door.

John steps through the door into a bar. He orders a gin and tonic and contemplates how strange a day this was.


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