Heloise Madigan was the granddaughter and hidden heir of John Madigan. She also served as a Government clerk in a Gotham City office.[1]

Following the death of her incredibly wealthy grandfather John Madigan his secret secretary Colleen Kiernan set in motion a plan to usurp Heloise's identity to take her inheritance. She also planned to continue blackmailing Kenneth Rogers in John's place using the information she learned while employed to aid John in his less than legal endeavors. The Madigan family lawyer and butler were able to unravel Kiernan's plan and locate the real Heloise who had been living a more modest life as a Government clerk and had not been to the family estates since she was a child. Batman saved Heloise's life from some thugs working for Rogers and was able to deduce that they had really been sent to kill Kiernan since there was no profit for them in killing Madigan, especially in a way that would not allow them to replace her with an imposter.[1]