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Monarch is an oppressive evil overlord from ten years into the future, where he has turned the entire world into an authoritarian police state. His origins were kept a dark secret, although it was known that at one time he had been a powerful superhero and had betrayed his peers to their deaths, murdering them all and taking their power.

During Armageddon 2001, a single man, the hero Waverider was able to travel back in time with the intention of defeating Monarch before he ever came to power. It was discovered that he was in fact originally the hero Hawk, but Monarch exploited the portal in time to come back and visit his past self, triggering his origins many years early. His plan backfired. He killed Dove, and his past self flew into a deadly rage murdering Monarch where he stood, and then usurping his position and his armor, completely altering the timestream so that the actual Monarch and his future would never exist.



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