Quote1 Presto! And SCARLET is a mummy! The invention of Phineas Cox is invincible! Quote2
-- The Black Thorn src

Henry Hawley was the manager at the "Defend America League," and was approached by Phineas Cox, inventor of a deadly new weapon, the flesh-shriveling Mummy Ray. The League was covertly a fifth-columnnist front group. Hawley adopted the alternative identity of Black Thorn, and used the Mummy Ray Rifle to commit at least four murders, while robbing a bank and an armory. He was defeated by the famous costumed vigilante, Mr. Scarlet. Scarlet also smashed the prototype ray-rifle, deeming it "too dangerous a weapon to exist," and warned the inventor not to build another one.


Mummification Ray Rifle

enemy of Mr. Scarlet