In 1882, Henry Lee Jordan was originally a deputy in Smallville, Kansas and had led a posse of thirty men after outlaw Bloody Joe Toscano and his gang, but only have the posse wiped out and Bloody Joe and his men escape. Based on the recommendation of Sheriff Nate Kent, Jordan was appointed the new marshal to the Arizona Territories when Wyatt Earp was killed. Jordan relished the chance to find Bloody Joe, knowing his foe had fled west.

Six months later, Jordan tracked down men belonging to Bloody Joe's gang while inadvertently saving Green Lantern Abin Sur. Jordan immediately befriended Sur - in spite of not being overly affected by his costume and appearance - and shared a common goal of after the same man, as Toscano was also an accomplice of the alien tyrant Devlos Ungol, who is responsible for the death of Abin Sur's predecessor Starkaðr.

The two lawmen eventually located Bloody Joe and Ungol, but were overwhelmed in which Abin Sur was wounded and barely escaped to the town of Coffin Springs. Thereafter, the town was besieged by the criminals in which Jordan did his best to fight them off by himself. Fortunately, Abin Sur was able to quickly recover and disarmed Bloody Joe and his gang. Ungol, however, proved to be too powerful for Abin Sur and threatened to destroy the town and everyone in it. But Jordan came to his friend's rescue, firing Blood Joe's gang's Gatling gun at Ungol, damaging his armor that was the source of the tyrant's power and allowing Abin Sur to dispose of his nemesis. Sur later helped in repairing Coffin Springs and commended Jordan of his goodness and courage before leaving Earth. Henry Lee's experience with Abin Sur would have a fateful impact within more than a century later that his descendant Hal Jordan would fatefully become Abin Sur's successor and becoming one of the greatest Green Lanterns of Earth.