Hurricane was supposedly the captain of a tramp steamer until it was sunk by a German U-Boat early in World War II, after which he and his ship's cook 'Maggott' Malone enlisted in the Royal Marine Commandos. Hurricane had superhuman strength when he lost his temper and went into one of his 'ragin' furies', though its source was never made entirely clear at the time. Hurricane and Malone saw action in various parts of the world during World War II.

Decades later, however, the apparent truth about Hurricane was revealed to American agent 'Zip' Nolan when he visited the high security prison for powered individuals to which Hurricane had apparently 'retired' (he was in fact an inmate, though he thought of himself as a permanent guest and was given some degree of freedom within the prison as well as comfortably furnished quarters). Hurricane's origins, it appeared, had been fabricated, his true history unknown even to him. In fact, he was the sole survivor of a failed attempt to create a British 'super soldier', mutated by drug tests carried out by Doctor Malone (in actuality, his 'handler') which in addition to giving him super strength and near invulnerability, had also made him mentally unstable. Malone controlled Hurricane's violent impulses via anti-psychotic drugs in his tea. Still, Hurricane was officially regarded as a retired war hero.

When the inmates of the prison straged a mass breakout, Hurricane was deployed to stop it, but was trampled into the ground by the giant robot ape Mytek the Mighty, piloted by The Spider.

Captain Hurricane first appearedin the first issue of the British anthology title 'Valiant' published by IPC on October 6th 1962 and continued to appear in various IPC titles throughout the 1970's, notably Battle.