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Personal History

Personal History of Heroic Age is unknown.

Professional History

Heroic Age Studios is an American self-contained company. It was created in 1992 and since then it has provided services in animation, graphic design, audio and video productions. In the early days the company worked mainly as a graphic assistant for comic book companies such as DC Comics and Marvel Comics. The first published work by the company as a colourist was for Marvel Comics in the title Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme. The company would continue to work for Marvel as colourist and inker in titles as Ghost Rider, Phantom and Spider-Man. The first published work for DC Comics was in 1995 in the title Black Lightning. Later on, the company worked in titles as Batman; Batman Chronicles and some other.

Heroic Age expanded the services they provided and now they work in every kind of media, such as films, documentaries, music scores, writting, producing, animation, designing and many other services.


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